What is a dream catcher?
According to legend, this is a talisman, the true purpose of which is to protect the sleeping person from evil spirits and diseases.
The dream catcher comes from the North American Ojibwe tribe and there are several legends about its origin that can be found on the net.

Today, a dream catcher is a fairly popular element of home decor, which can be easily purchased at a souvenir shop, a handmade store, ordered from a craftsman, and even weaved on your own.
Such a dream catcher will definitely decorate your home, and whether it will cope with its original task (protect from nightmares) depends on how much you believe in it 🙏🏻😌
My task is to invest in the product not only beauty and quality, but also a part of my soul, as it should be for any creative person who loves his job.

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How to clean the catcher. 🧹 Instructions for skeptics: you can easily get rid of dust with a fluffy brush with a very funny name pipidastr😁 a slightly moistened microfiber cloth or, in extreme cases, a damp cloth, with which we will wipe the cobwebs and beads. you need to fluff it up – this can be done with the help of steam. We hold the feather over boiling water for 20-30 seconds and it will fluff itself.
If the smooth pen is crumpled, cover it with a sheet of paper on both sides and iron it a couple of times with an iron.

And now about the energy cleansing of the catcher. We turn to the forces of nature: the sun and the wind. Once a week we take the catcher out for airing under the rays of the sun and let it free itself from accumulated nightmares and negativity👹
The catcher can be fumigated with herbs – sage or juniper, and then lightly sprayed with a solution of sea salt.
While cleaning the catcher, imagine how the accumulated negative goes somewhere deep into the bowels of the earth and “zeroes” in them. We do it in a state of harmony, calmness and good intention.
A kind of meditation turns out 🧘🏻‍♀️
After all, the most important thing is your mood😉

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