Wire Tree of life, Emerald large Dream catcher wall hanging, bohemian ocean decor girl's room, gift for niece


Wire Tree of life, Emerald large Dream catcher wall hanging, bohemian ocean decor girl's room, gift for niece

WIRE Tree of life

tree of life - made of amazonite
Feathers of a duck,
plastic beads
wooden rings,
metallic beads,
wood beads,



The height of the composition is 56.cm ( 22.05 inches)
size of the ring with wood 17 cm ( 6.69 inches)
the size of the small ring is 7cm (2.76 inches)

The amazonite stone is often confused with turquoise - the green-blue color of the mineral really resembles the shade of turquoise. The Amazonian stone, as it was called in ancient times, received its beautiful name in honor of the famous Amazon River. According to another version, the name is associated with the Amazons - legendary beauties and warriors.
Magical properties
One of the main properties of the Amazonian stone is to strengthen qualities such as courage and devotion. Ancient warriors, as well as many peoples of the world, used amazonite in rituals and ceremonies to add vitality. Also, the mineral was used to enhance the penchant for visions and mystical revelations.

Used amazonite to protect against sunstroke, relieve headaches. Even today, the Mongols highly value amazonite as a talisman that helps to strengthen family relations and friendly ties.

Amazonite is always and for everyone relevant - in many cultures it is considered the stone of family happiness. Mineral is able to strengthen the foundation of family relations, to establish mutual understanding between spouses, which is in demand at all times. Therefore, any product made of amazonite will not interfere with you and your loved ones. This can be a small jewelry box or a neat vase that will always be in the family area. Decorations and figures made of this stone have the same magical power. Amazonite is able to turn your home into a reliable and impregnable fortress that protects you from life's storms and hardships. The premises will be filled with special warmth and energy, contributing to a good rest.

The Amazonian stone is the patron saint of women. He not only guarantees you energy protection, but will help you in every possible way in everyday life. If you do not like doing homework, Amazonite will add the necessary patience and desire to make your home cleaner, brighter and more comfortable! You will have the strength to manage for hours on end, without experiencing any dreary and unpleasant sensations.


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