Willow Dreamcatcher boho wall hanging, rainbow dream catcher decor girl's room, gift for niece


Willow Dreamcatcher boho wall hanging, rainbow dream catcher decor girl's room, gift for niece

Boho style: a design that's meant to surprise

Boho or boho chic is a design for those who want their home to be filled with life, carelessness and bold colors. Having absorbed all the most relaxed and unusual, this space design option is ideal for creative people who are not alien to the free flight of imagination. Only here you can see a unique combination of oriental and French motives or a luxurious antique mirror next to a colorful homespun rug. In short, this design is designed to maximize the inner world of the inhabitants of the house and create the ideal atmosphere for creativity.

What is boho chic style?
The name comes from the word Bohemia, a region of the same name in the Czech Republic, where a large number of Roma lived. Therefore, this style is so similar to the image of this people. He is bright, a little disheveled, fickle, creative and as free as possible, as well as his similar directions: classic, glamor and eco.

Boho style in the interior
This direction allows you to compose the entire interior from elements of radically different styles. In this case, harmony must be observed. The most important thing when decorating a space is that it should reflect the character of the owner and his favorite activities as much as possible.

Boho chic interiors do not have a specific color scheme. The most common warm earthy (brown, terracotta) and metallic colors. Precious metal and stone tones such as deep purple, fiery orange and electric blue are often seen in accessories and decor. White or acidic shades will look out of place in a boho chic interior.

~8.87" (20cm )
- height: ~ 19" (48cm)

duck feathers,
synthetic cord

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