Violet tree of life Dreamcatcher,lilac Dream Catcher ,Large Dreamcatcher, Dream сatcher mosaic, dream catchers tree of life, handmade gift

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Violet tree of life Dreamcatcher,lilac Dream Catcher ,Large Dreamcatcher, Dream сatcher mosaic, dream catchers tree of life, handmade gift

Aries 21.03 - 20.04 diamond, amethyst, garnet, pearls, ruby, chrysolite.

Taurus 21.04 - 20.05 emerald, onyx, ruby, sapphire, topaz. 

Gemini 21.05 - 21.06 amethyst, pearls, emerald, sapphire, topaz, chrysolite, citrine.

Cancer June 22 - July 22, amethyst, pearls, emerald, ruby, topaz, chrysolite.

Leo 23.07 - 23.08 garnet, emerald, ruby, topaz, chrysolite, citrine.

Virgo 08.24 - 09.09 diamond, garnet, emerald, sapphire, chrysolite, citrine.

Libra 24.09 - 23.10 diamond, amethyst, emerald, chrysolite, citrine.

Scorpio 24.10 - 22.11 amethyst, garnet, ruby, sapphire, topaz. 

Sagittarius 23.11 - 21.12 amethyst, garnet, emerald, sapphire, topaz, chrysolite.

Capricorn 12.22 - 01.20 amethyst, pomegranate, rauchtopaz, ruby.

Aquarius 21.01 - 20.02 amethyst, garnet, pearl, emerald, sapphire, citrine.

Pisces 21.02 - 20.03 amethyst, aquamarine, pearls, sapphire, chrysolite.

Diamond - a symbol of innocence, firmness and courage, protects and helps in solving problems.

Emerald - a symbol of happy love, brings good luck and joy. Sapphire - a symbol of fidelity, chastity and modesty, brings happiness and joy.

Ruby is a stone of power and passionate love.

Pearls are a symbol of devotion and love.

Aquamarine - the "stone of lovers", protects marital happiness, promotes well-being in life, a symbol of good luck. 

Amethyst is a symbol of peace of mind.

Topaz is the personification of eternal friendship.

Pomegranate is a symbol of constancy.

Chrysolite - a stone-amulet, brings calm and balance. 

Rauchtopaz - a stone that relieves pain and stress, has calming properties.

Citrine is a stone of good luck and positive mood.

Agate to trip overland 
Moss agate for unsuccessful travels 
Aquamarine to new friends 
Diamond to victory over enemies 
Amethyst to avoid damage 
Beryl fortunately abundant 
Turquoise to prosperity 
Gagat to sadness 
Heliotrope to long life 
Hematite (krovavik) to the sad news 
Hyacinth (red zircon) to a strong storm 
Hyacinth (orange zircon) to success 
Rhinestone to get rid of enemies 
Pomegranate to the disclosure of secrets 
Pearls to true friends 
Emerald to vision 
Carbuncle to mastering wisdom 
Coral to recovery 
Cat's eye to betrayal 
Moonstone to danger 
Lapis lazuli to devotional love 
Onyx to a happy marriage 
Opal to great possessions 
Porphyry to death 
Ruby to unexpected guests 
Sapphire to get rid of danger 
Sardonyx to love friends 
Serdolik unfortunately 
Topaz to avoid damage 
Tourmaline to chance 
Chalcedony to the return of friends 
Chrysoberyl to need 
Chrysolite to the need to be careful 
Amber to sea voyage 
Jasper to return love


Rings - base wood decorated with satin ribbon

tree of life 
Feathers duck 
plastic beads 
wooden rings, 
metallic beads, 
wood beads, 
Ceramic beads, 
Synthetic cord, 
Mosaic glass, 
Mosaic marble

SIZE Dream сatcher:

- diameter

- ring: ~ 13,98" (35.5 cm ) 
6,50" (16,5 cm ) 
3,54" (9cm ) 
- height: ~ 50,79 " (129cm)

Purple is the color of restraint, moderation, spirituality, and remorse;

Transition from active to passive, from masculine to feminine, from life to death;

The spiritual principle associated with sacrificial blood;

Symbolism is based on the mixing of red (passion, fire or earth) with blue (intelligence, water or sky).

In the liturgy it is associated with the idea of ​​repentance, with atonement and self-absorption.

The same ratio of primary colors unites wisdom and love.

In the old pictures of Passion, the Savior and Mary often appear in purple robes.

Church color associated with Advent and pre-Christmas time.

Similar, but closer to red is the purple of the ancient royal robes. It was obtained from the secretions of a double marine snail, and it was very expensive, so purple material was a symbol of high social status. In the ancient world and in the Middle Ages, lichen juice (botella Rocella tinctoria) was used as a colorant, which served as a "purple substitute" and grew primarily on the coast of the Canary Islands.

Red and blue are balanced in purple, which denotes love of truth and the truth of love. He was a mystical symbol of the unity of the Lord and the Church, the Passion of Christ and the martyrs and represents the complete identification of the Father and the Son.

It is also the color of widows, bishops and martyrs, and for the Chinese - a symbol of death.

Violet color contains something extinct and expresses a melancholy mood, accompanied by the need for tenderness and affection.

In psychology, the violet color, the color of the amorous fusion, submissiveness, conveys the need for unity, harmony and identification with the beloved being.

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