Violet Gold Alcohol Ink Art, Intuitive Abstract Painting, Not a print picture frame ,Round picture wooden frame Bohemian Living Room Decor

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Violet Gold Alcohol Ink Art, Intuitive Abstract Painting, Not a print picture frame ,Round picture wooden frame Bohemian Living Room Decor

The physical picture is drawn with synthetic based and alcoholic ink.

Intuitive painting is one of the most amazing, softest, but strong techniques for knowing one’s true self, giving impressive results, contributing to the rapid development in areas where other techniques may take years.

The work of intuition has not yet been scientifically explained, but there are plenty of facts of its help in the life of any person. I note that intuition in men can be developed much more strongly than in women. A woman thinks proceeding subconsciously from the position of the one who is entrusted with the mission of procreation. Therefore, caution is inherent in a woman, some kind of mundane thinking. Women rarely think globally. Men are precisely due to isolation from reality, the ability to take risks, are capable of a global breakthrough and unexpected success. Among men there are more great scientists who made a brilliant discovery, or businessmen who have reached an impressive state from scratch. Not because it is the result of patriarchy. Just men behave differently and act. Where a woman will wait until an intermediate result occurs to move along a reliable path further, the man will take risks. Men's ideas are wider and not endowed with long arguments, like most women. And this is true, since while the hunter thinks, the beast will kill him. Female intuition is more intertwined with everyday life, with the feelings and health of loved ones here and now. And not with the future, as in men. Women often think non-linearly, and their actions have more emotions. Women tend to complicate thinking and simplify men. Women's intuition has many details, and men's intuition is clear and specific. But these differences in the use of intuition have allowed us all, men and women, to develop, and, most importantly, build a common future. Each of us complements the world to perfection.

Of course, developed intuition helps in life, and in particular, in communication with the opposite sex. The role of intuition cannot be exaggerated. It is trust in one’s inner instinct that prevents many people from getting into unpleasant stories, and helps to bypass most of the life traps. And there are lucky ones that intuition allows you to be in the right place at the right time, to pull out the same ticket or to avoid mortal danger. Such stories are not uncommon. But I will say more: someone who is reading these words now, also brought intuition here. And this corresponds to the pattern "whoever seeks will always find." You had a question. Perhaps it is I who can help in finding the answer.

The round frame creates an unusual design for paintings created using the technique of intuitive, abstract painting.
The frame is wet with tonic the color of walnut + varnish.

Production of a frame of any color and size is possible.

Frame Size - 40 cm (15,75Inches)
Alcoholic ink drawing size 24 cm ( 9.45 inches)

Our picture is a unique intuitive painting - this is not a print, repetition of one drawing is not possible.

An amazing picture of a round shape - will make your room, or bedroom is really unusual.

We can create pictures in your color wishes, frame - the color of the picture will be created just for you.

The picture is packed in a cardboard box.

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The dream catcher, gift for birthdays, christenings, baby showers or new additions to the family.

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