Turquoise dreamcatcher, white dream catcher, home decor, dreamcatcher, wall hanging,dream catcher nursery,boho dream catcher

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Turquoise dreamcatcher, white dream catcher, home decor, dreamcatcher, wall hanging, dream catcher nursery ,boho dream catcher, wall home decor, gift for here

These decors are made with great love.

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1 - Turquoise dreamcatcher 
base tree 
branch tree covered with acrylic paint and acrylic lacquer 
beads glass, 
baby yarn, 
goose feathers, 
duck feathers, 
the napkin is hand-crocheted from a cotton thread, 
rhinestones plastic 
silkworm cocoons

ring diameter 27,5 cm (10.63 inches) 
- height: ~ 37,01" (123cm) 
width ~ 21,65" (55,5cm)

What do you associate with white? Maybe with cleanliness and order? Or perhaps with light or the snowy expanses of the Arctic? Or maybe white in your understanding is a symbol of innocence and spirituality? The associations that arise in your mind at the mention of white color may be completely different, but one thing is certain: this is the color of a new beginning.

White color: meaning in religions of the world 
In different cultures and religions, white is about the same value. For example, in Christianity, white is the color of chastity and higher spirituality. It is associated with angels and saints, is the embodiment of spiritual purity and innocence. Such a positive attitude of Christians to white is embodied in the color of ritual garments, in which a person goes into a new level of his spiritual development. For example, traditional attire for baptism, confirmation, wedding are made of white fabrics. As well as the funeral shroud, symbolizing the purification and the beginning of the new spiritual life of the deceased. White wedding dress

Many people mistakenly believe that in Islam, white is more negative because it is the color of death and mourning. In fact, white for Muslims is the color of holiness and the embodiment of all existing positive qualities. And its use in the ritual ceremony symbolizes not a tragic farewell to the dead, but bright sadness and joy, because Muslims see in death only a transition to a new level of life.

White color in Buddhism In Buddhism, white color symbolizes first of all peace and tranquility. Moreover, peace is beyond ordinary human understanding. This is the color of higher knowledge, inner harmony, unity with the outside world and absolute integrity. No wonder with his help Buddhists depict the highest gods and enlightened monks. Just like one of the most famous Buddhist symbols, the lotus is in full bloom.

White color in psychology 
If we talk about the use of this shade in psychotherapeutic work, then, as a rule, white is not used separately, but combined with other colors. For example, in a tandem with red, he has a powerful energy charge, which is amenable to conscious control. White also “dilutes” the strong influence of blue, orange, violet and other emotional shades. In addition, in color therapy it is used in the treatment of certain skin and endocrine diseases, as well as the visual system.

In general, psychologists have an ambivalent attitude towards white color, because, like any other color from the main palette, it is ambivalent. On the one hand, it symbolizes purity, innocence and openness. On the other hand, white is an emotional color that is associated with coldness, alienation and secrecy. Although most people interpret white as an exclusively positive color. In their understanding, it symbolizes goodness, justice, sincerity, truth and piety. But psychologists say that white has a negative meaning. For example, it can be the color of arrogance, indifference, detachment, emotional coldness. White color

If we talk about people who prefer white color, then quite often they have a unique talent to inspire others with their originality. They are moderately open and sociable, but at the same time they are not inclined to trust others with their deepest feelings and secrets.

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