Triple Moon Mermaid Wall Hanging, Moon Decor Wall Decoration, Handmade Dream catcher Detailing, Boho Accent Wall Decor, Moon Phases Wall Art


Purple Shell Triple Moon, Mermaid Wall Hanging, xmas gift, bohemian decor,beachy dreamcatcher shells,mosaic, boho, hippie art,gypsy wall art

Violet Shell Triple Moon
Mermaid Wall Hanging, xmas gift, bohemian wall decor, beachy dreamcatcher shells,mosaic, boho, hippie art ,gypsy wall art

This product - a dream catcher with shells and mosaics - made with a great love of sea travel and ancient Italian mosaics!

●***********●●● MATERIALS ●●●************●

sea shell,
sea stars,
glass mosaic with glitter,
glass mosaic faceted,
plastic beads,
glass beads,
metal beads,
synthetic durable cord
handmade beads
glass beads
glass beads
wood beads
duck feathers
metal fittings
rondels with rhinestones

composition width 53cm (21 inches)

height of the product - 64 см ( 25 inches )

the size of the central full moon - diameter 18.5 cm

the size of the growing and decreasing moon - diameter 18.5 x 16.5 cm

This product - a dream catcher with shells and mosaics - made with a great love of sea travel and ancient Italian mosaics!

OBSIDIAN - concentrates the power of the Astrala, protects against bad deeds committed by stupidity, and deprives a person of the opportunity to sin. This is a stone savior, and for Aquarius - a stone charm.

Obsidian stone and its magical properties
A person who constantly wears jewelry with obsidian is completely protected from evil thoughts and actions. The acuteness of thinking in such people is increased, they easily relieve tension.

Obsidian is included in the list of the most powerful stones, it is able to protect the wearer from damage and even curses. But you need to treat the stone with extreme caution. It carries the power of the Sun, Saturn and Uranus, which not everyone is able to accept.

Who are the magic properties of obsidian stone? First of all, soft people. He makes their spirit stronger, gives the necessary amount of energy for creativity. If a person, on the contrary, is ambitious, then it is better for him not to choose obsidian as a talisman. This stone is able to cause such people the illusion of omnipotence, which, in turn, can provoke the commission of risky acts.

The obsidian stone develops the gift of clairvoyance, which is why he is so loved by mediums and magicians. Also this mineral helps in concentration, allows to subordinate elemental spirits to its will.

A person who carries obsidian as an amulet is not afraid of the most difficult life tests. He is capable of making the right decisions in difficult situations, and can also change life for the better without hesitation. If you are one of those who are afraid of change, it is difficult to imagine moving or changing activities, you should get a similar talisman. The obsidian stone will allow you to break free from fears and unnecessary worries.


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