Set for creating ink art paintings "SAKURA"

Pacific Art Store
Polina Kamenskaya has already picked matching ink colors for you in this box to create a handcrafted masterpiece easily.

The box consists of:
— Leaflet with instructions and link to a masterclass;
— Synthetic paper - 100x70cm;
— Air blower - 1 piece;
— Alcohol Inks - 15ml and 5ml;
— Blending solution -300 ml;
— Super concentrate - 15ml;
— Pipettes - 4pcs;
— Cups - 4pcs;
— Covering film - 1m2;
— Empty bottles for the remaining paints - 2pcs;

The box is suitable for beginners! It's a good idea to spend an interesting time with friends!
Please check the instructions before the use!

Delivery time to Europe - 9-19 days
Delivery in the USA 15-31 days
Delivery time to Australia is 19 - 39 days (taxes included - the package is sent with a mention of the gift)

Thanks for visiting my store!

I'm glad to do something unique for you!