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Pearlescent pigments are inorganic substances that help to achieve the effect of soft overflow, flicker. The effect is achieved due to the refraction of light passing through the outer layer of pigment. Non-toxic, resistant to moisture and temperature changes, aggressive environments. It is used in the manufacture of cosmetics, soaps, bath bombs, epolxide resin.

What is a pearlescent pigment?

Pearlescent (pearl) pigments are a unique material due to which you can achieve amazing color effects and iridescent shades. The main component is mineral mica coated with special oxides with different refraction angles. Getting on the mother of pearl, the sun's rays are reflected differently from each layer, creating an amazing mother of pearl shine.

Reflected light can change its shades from silver to golden copper, red, blue, etc. But in fact, the powder does not change its original color, the “pearl" effect creates a bright and intense light.

Main characteristics of pearlescent pigment:

refers to environmentally friendly, odorless products; 
does not contain harmful impurities and explosives; 
not subject to burning; 
possesses high resistance to various chemical reagents; 
withstands temperatures up to 300 ° C; 
resistant to environmental influences (sun, frost, water); 
does not cause skin and mucous membrane irritation; 
does not cause electric current; 
mixes perfectly with pearlescent pigments of other colors acquiring amazing sparkling effects; 
easily combined with other dyes; 
shelf-life Unlimited. 
Areas of use

Pearl pigments are used in ink and paper, ceramics, building materials, the printing industry, cosmetics, paints, varnishes and enamels, when painting plastic, leather products.

Mixing ratio

Pearlescent (pearl) pigments are added to the transparent base in a proportion of 5-10% (but not more than 12%) of the base volume.

You can order quantity from 10 tubes of 5 grams ( 0.17 ounces)