Native american dream catcher with arrows, house warming gifts new home

Pacific Art Store
A new grandiose project with arrows in the style of the national Indian.

This project was very long, the idea behind this project was the history of the national indigenous Indians.

I wanted to do something large-scale.

I hope my family team succeeded.

We will make the dream catcher using combined metal arrows - the main part is steel, the arrowhead and plumage are copper.

The rings are decorated with a brown satin ribbon, synthetic thread weaving.

It is based on metallic decors and wooden beads.

This product measures 120 cm (47 inches) high

large arrow ring size 47.5 cm (18.50 inches)

small ring size 25cm (9.84inch)

Feathers can be added to the product at your request, it is possible to manufacture it according to your size and color.

I hope you enjoy our new work.

Thank you for visiting our store and for supporting hand-made creativity.