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Blue+white mini dreamcatcher 

willow vine,
baby yarn,
synthetic thread,
Govlit gemstone,
crocheted napkin

height of the composition - 36cm (14.17") 

ring diameter 11.5cm (4.53inches)

Govlit - Life Force
Medicinal properties
He speaks relatively recently discovered by geologists, only 200 years ago. Its properties are not fully understood, but the healing qualities that help in the fight against diseases are already known.

The composition of the mineral contains a high percentage of calcium. Therefore, the stone will help with problems arising from the imbalance of the latter. The mineral is able to restore and maintain the balance of calcium in the body and beneficially affect the bones of the person as a whole. If you are worried about toothache, then howlite will help in dealing with it. One has only to attach the stone to a disturbing place and the pain begins to recede. It is also highly recommended for pregnant women to wear jewelry with this stone, because it is during this beautiful period of life that calcium is so necessary for the formation of a little man.
In folk medicine, the energy of the stone is famous as an absorber and converter of negative emotions. Therefore, jewelry with a stone will help people in the fight against stress, depression and anxiety of sleep.

White stone is used for the production of massage balls, which serve as a good tool in the fight against cellulite. In general, massage with the use of govlit will help with such diseases as varicose veins, blockage of blood vessels and joint disease.

Magical properties
Gowlit has an excellent ability to absorb the negative energy of the owner and transform it into a positive one. This applies to both painful and psychological state of a person. Jewelry with a mineral pacifies anger, drives away melancholy and disturbing thoughts, gives purity of thoughts and sharpens a sense of beauty. Govlit similarly works with a person's self-esteem: strengthens a sense of self-confidence.

There is a belief that howlite is able to introduce a person into lucid dreaming, to control them. Meditation with a stone allows you to dip a person into his past lives, to realize his purpose, essence and path.

Govlit is considered an excellent helper in mastering all kinds of knowledge and skills. He helps a person to concentrate as much as possible on the science that he wants to master, and he does so that knowledge is absorbed faster and better. We can say that the owner of the govlita will be an eternal student, because he has been striving all his life to get as much knowledge as possible and not only in his field of activity.

Govlit has a positive effect on the heart and sacral chakras. The interaction with the stone reveals the person, sharpens the sensitivity, awakens the will to live, physical energy, causes a feeling of confidence and stability.

From an astrological point of view, howlite is advised to wear to people born under the signs of Capricorn, Virgo and Scorpio. It is not recommended to wear it to Aries, Lions and Sagittarius, because howlite causes a strong interest in any science, and cannot teach the assiduity and the desire to bring the training started to the end.

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