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Quartz stone value
Quartz is one of the first minerals that man began to use. Not surprisingly, remarkable metaphysical qualities are attributed to such a famous stone. Rhinestone is especially popular in this respect, but other types of many-sided gems are not deprived of the attention of esotericists. The value of a quartz stone and its sphere of influence depend on its color.

Whose stone quartz - horoscope, zodiac sign
None of the astrologers will give an unambiguous conclusion about which zodiac sign favors the quartz stone. All its varieties are very different from each other and therefore cannot be generalized. Rhinestone, for example, is suitable for everyone and acts on everyone as a charm. But citrine, rauchtopaz and morion are not recommended for Scorpios. Leo and Aries citrine should bring extraordinary luck. Astrologers suggest paying special attention to amethyst to Aquarius, to whom the stone is ideally suited.

Medicinal properties of quartz
One of the tools used by lithotherapists is a quartz crystal filter for filtering water. They advise to insist on quartz water. Such water should alleviate respiratory diseases. It is also advised to wear quartz with them to those who are insecure and in need of calm.

The magical properties of quartz
Those who want to use the magical properties of quartz refer, first of all, to rock crystal. It is considered one of the strongest conductors of magical energy, as it enhances the vibrations of intention and can be programmed for any purpose. Milk quartz helps with meditation, as it allows you to free thoughts and go deep inside yourself. Smoky quartz is recommended for business people, as it helps to make important decisions. Amethyst and chrysoprase bring peace of mind. Carnelian helps to keep loyalty.

Virtually each of the quartz calms the mind, relieves fear and helps to overcome stress. In addition, it is believed that all of them effectively clean the space of negative energy.

************************** Magic properties ******************************

The stone of healers and astrologers, surrounded by protection from the "evil eye", negative attacks, takes the evil energy to themselves. With him it is easy to overcome hostility, the machinations of enemies. He was in Egypt a symbol of fertility, in Europe - wealth, health, the Hindus guarantee of prosperity. Jewelery made of agate gives the owner a harmony of thought and smoothness of speech. It is believed he protects from misfortune. Talismans and amulets The variety of the internal structure of stones, the intricacies of drawings are reflected in ancient superstitions. Different agates prescribed to protect their own. For children, the talisman of the "evil eye" will be a white agate stone. He also gives health. With white they pin hopes for calm, gentleness, kindness and protection from the dark world. Gray amulet protects against conflict and anger. Talisman of justice, balance. Blue will awaken inspiration, the world will restore. Protects love. A brown-gray will serve for careerists. In a good ambitious, decisive and businesslike. Yellow-brown will help get along with people from whom we depend. The talisman in the journey is necessary if you believe in it. Yellow stone commerce friend, amulet and security. Cheers up. Promotes pep and body. The talismans of red shades are good for love and family happiness. Golden promotes inspiration. Charges energy, life force. Brown gem gem is suitable for contingency resolution. Agates fascinate the look like no other. Sometimes a minute stop, calm thinking is enough to avoid trouble. Contemplate, admire the stones - a good omen.


Rings - base wood decorated with satin ribbon,
gemstone agate,
Feathers of a duck,
goose feathers,
wooden rings,
metallic beads,
wood beads,


The height of the composition is 77cm ( 30inches)
size of the ring with wood 22 cm ( 9 inches)
the size of the small ring is 11 cm (4 inches)

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