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Learn to make trending wiry trees of life

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Wire Tree of life - Learn to make a sculpted tree of life

Learn to make a sculpted tree of life?

Better to see once - than read 100 times.

Would you like to learn how to make bark-like frame trees of life?

Full 54 minutes video with detailed creation of the tree of life.

With the help of the video, you will learn how to make wire trees of life with a skeletal base.

See all the materials and tools you need.

The production time of the complete process for a beginner is approximately 4-6 hours.

Complete workmanship for product use 36 hours.

In the manufacture of the tree of life - the author's self-hardening paste is used - the time for complete drying depends on the temperature in the room in which you work.

The approximate time for complete drying of self-hardening plastic paste is 24-36 hours.

With our tutorial, you will learn how to create really trendy home decors.

This is a great start for a new business - create your own unique trees of life.

If you have any questions, write to us. We will be happy to answer you.

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