DIY tree of life, Sculptural paste,Sculptural,selfhardening paste for creating unique tree trunks with imitation tree bark, diy dreamcatcher


Hello friends, placing an ad with my trees of life - a specialist in setting up Google ads 6 years ago, called them dancing trees of life.
Since then, I constantly hear and read messages in direct - how do you do it and what are these tree trunks made of?

Today I decided to share with you my secret - and my sculptural paste for tree trunks, which perfectly repeats the structure of the tree bark.

Sculptural paste is available in almost any color with the addition of glitter or nacre and in any volume - at the moment in the photo black, brown, beige, golden and pearl. Volumes on sale 60 ml, 240 ml.

The shelf life of the paste is 12 months (subject to proper storage), self-hardening, after application - polymerization in the room takes place within 8-10 hours, after complete drying within 24 hours - it is possible to coat with acrylic paints, acrylic varnish.

60 ml
240 ml

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