DIY Paint Kit | DIY Wood Boho dreamcatcher Sign | Wood Coloring dreamcatcher | Coloring Activity | Coloring Sheet


DIY Paint Kit | DIY Wood Boho dreamcatcher Sign | Wood Coloring dreamcatcher | Coloring Activity | Coloring Sheet

DIY set for adult and children's creativity.

Laser cut perolanized decor with wooden feathers.

DIY set - ideal for joint creativity of parents and children, and for independent creativity.

Your set will always be exceptional - because the individual production of the name and your talent to decorate the decor will make the dream catcher unique.

Set for creativity is suitable for children over 7 years.

The diameter of the ring with a personal name and decor of 20 cm ( 7,84inches)

The size of the feathers of wood is 15.5 cm ( 6,10 inches) long - 5 cm ( 1.97inches) wide

In a gift corton box with postcards included
1 - personalized decor with a name for coloring
2 - five wooden feathers for coloring
3 - 10 wooden beads (can be painted if desired)
4 - cord for attaching wooden feathers to the base of the ring with the name
5 - acrylic paints 8 colors
6 - three dry glitter for shine 3 colors ( gold, blue, green)
7 - dry mother-of-pearl pigments for myrtles and overflow of color - ( gold, brown)
8 - two brushes for painting your masterpieces with children.
It is possible to make a personal name and wooden feathers according to your size

Pearl scent pigments, epoxy resin, Mineral Mica Powder

Pearl scent pigments, epoxy resin, Mineral Mica Powder, makeup Eye shadow, lip gloss Soap, coloring aroma bead, slime bath bomb

Glitter Set 4 epoxy resin , COSMETIC GLITTER, Glitter for Tumblers, Lip Gloss, Eye Shadow, Nails, Solvent Resistant Glitter, Set of 40 gram

No additional tools are needed - all you need is to sit down at the table, open the box, take brushes - and do something unique

The order for personalized decor can be ordered here -
Wooden name wall decor, Name baby decor Dream Catcher, Creating a personalized design for your decor

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