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Large Tree of life dream catcher


wooden rings,
metallic beads,
wood beads,
satin ribbon,
labradorite gemstone,
mosaic glass,
Feathers duck

SIZE Dream сatcher:

Width of the composition - ~ 20.47" (52cm )

- height: ~55.12" (140cm)

***********************Healing properties of stone*********************

Medicinal properties of the Labrador
labrador madagascar
Since ancient times, traditional medicine has recognized the healing properties of the Labrador. Healers, healers gave a lot of money for a piece of mineral, taking care of their own safety. Removing damage, curses, the healer himself can become the object of reflected attacks. The stone was considered a powerful defense, possessing a healing flow of energy, it strengthened and supported the host's body in every possible way. Modern lithotherapy does not deny the general strengthening effect of the Labrador Retriever.

It is said that the mineral really helps patients:

arthritis and arthrosis, relieving pain, inflammation;
neuroses, coping well with manifestations of emotional overexcitement, psychosomatic breakdown, insomnia, fears, anxieties;
genitourinary problems, removes stones from the kidneys, eliminates inflammation of the prostate gland;
relieves infertility, really distinguishing between men and women;
improves vision;
relieves drug and alcohol addiction;
improves memory;
activates metabolic processes;
accelerates recovery from injuries.

The magical properties of the Labrador
Talisman - The fire element has endowed the stone with powerful magical powers. The energy of the mineral is so powerful that even for those who begin their journey to the heights of magic, the stone reveals the truths of knowledge. Many magicians use such a talisman.

Important! Those who decide to manifest the possibilities of vision and knowledge in themselves need a talisman made of stone in the form, product, cabochon, ornaments that they like the most. Choose with your heart!

The mineral will help you discover your purpose, show the talents inherent in nature, parents, climb the career ladder, fulfill your innermost desires, and find love.

The stone is recommended for creative people. Inspiration, image, luck, the rise of creativity - categories for people of art and the Labrador are understandable, necessary. The talisman made of mineral is an assistant to them, doomed to creativity, writers, artists, composers.

Mineral of blue color By combining the Sun and the Moon, the stone received an extremely powerful energy, therefore it is not recommended for persons under 27 years old. The use of natural magic is an extremely responsible business, it is always dangerous to carry a stone with you. Wearing jewelry, taking a Labrador talisman with you should be consciously when needed. The stone knows how to be faithful, loving, a little separation is useful.

It is safe to use a sunny lynx eye, light tavusit in the interior; these varieties are able to transform negative emissions, neutralize quarrels, misunderstandings, and reconcile. The figurine of the mineral brings harmony to the house.

Who is suitable for the zodiac sign
Labrador is a very effective charm for sun signs, but not only. Some signs simply need jewelry or cabochons. Astrologers interpret the astrological quirks of labradorite in different ways, but their opinion on the compliance with the signs does not differ in principle.

Labradorite: We have to be extremely careful. The stormy character, impetuosity, the leadership qualities of the rams will be strengthened by the energy of the Labrador, the main thing is to get carried away by friendship with the stone.
Practical, intelligent calves need a Labrador so that their personal life shines with all the colors of the rainbow, filled with happiness, meaning, and balances career, rational aspirations.
To narcissistic twins, the mineral will open the world, its beauty, fullness. It will help you to appreciate yourself by removing the flair of superiority, frivolity. Balances the hypertrophied sense of responsibility, altruism, add patience and wisdom.
The lunar side of the Labrador has a positive effect on the representatives of the water element. Cancers need a stone for protection. The increased vulnerability of people of this sign in combination with hot temper requires correction, the mineral is guaranteed to cope.
For Lions, whatever stone you take is suitable. Labrador will help tame pride, pacify hot-tempered and jealous nature. People of the sun, especially if their life number is 9, are born for special affairs, an important mission. To understand their purpose for them is a matter of life and death, it is difficult to think of an assistant better than a Labrador. He, like a flashlight, will illuminate the path of the mind, find the goal, help answer any questions.
Virgos are boring and irritable, prone to reflection, despondency, representatives of the sign, especially men, hardly respond to the challenges of life, always doubting, refusing to make decisions. Carrying a stone in your pocket, a ring or otherwise will significantly change them, bring creative moments to life.
Hedonists Libra do not really need a Labrador, except that when their indecision interferes with life, health and well-being. The stone of love will help, transforming the pursuit of pleasure into nobility and responsibility.
With Scorpio, the Labrador can play a cruel joke. It is known that the energetic values ​​of the dark side of life prevail over light. Scorpios balance between vengefulness and nobility, ruthlessness and self-sacrifice, love and indifference. Nobody knows which side the stone will take. Therefore, it is worth choosing another stone as a friend.
A large beautiful stone Labrador especially distinguishes Sagittarius. These representatives of the fire element are always on the list of his priorities. The talisman will help to move mountains, the amulet will not allow evil to shoot, the amulet will protect, will show the bright path of development.
Capricorns need protection, despite their rigidity, selfishness, isolation. Labrador will illuminate their lives with rainbow fire, return the feelings of childhood, harmonize manifestations of pessimism, reconcile ambitions.
The Labrador and whiny sensitive Aquarius will come in handy, adding decisiveness, fortitude to them, will reveal talents. Aquarians especially need creative patronage; they who are always in doubt need an objective arbiter, friend and advisor.
Pisces, as water signs, a labrador is useful in any capacity, let it be an amulet or a talisman. Representatives of the sign, as a rule, have a talent for healing. For those who find in themselves the desire to help others, relieving them of diseases, the stone is simply vital for protection and enlightenment.

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