big sale Pink gemtone Agate Necklace, Natural Stone Jewelry, Reiki Chakra Jewelry, Boho Necklace, Gemstone Necklace, Boho agatetone Pendant


Pink gemtone Agate Necklace, Natural Stone Jewelry, Reiki Chakra Jewelry, Boho Necklace, Gemstone Necklace, Boho agatetone Pendant

Pink gemtone Agate Necklace, crystal beads, metal fittings, metal beads.
The kit includes earrings on a metal basis.
bead length with extension 18 inches (46 cm), pendant size 1.1 inches (3.3cm)
earrings 1.5 inches (4 cm)

The healing properties of agate
According to ancient Georgian beliefs related to the 10th century, if this gem is rubbed in water and washed with its wounds, then they heal faster, and bites of animals, snakes, scorpions and poisonous insects are also healed.

Agate can help its owner cope with many ailments, you just need to wear it correctly. For example, with a protracted cough, sore throat it is worn in the form of a bead, with various diseases of the teeth - in the form of earrings. With gout, joint diseases, agate bracelets are worn. The agate ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand by those who suffer from heart diseases, and on the middle finger of the right hand are people prone to tantrums, suffering from insomnia and causeless fears. Agate brooch helps get rid of such ailments as asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis.

Natural agate relieves cramps, helps fight fears, protects against infections and stomach diseases, helps normalize the acidity of gastric juice, as well as detoxifies the body. Agate is given to keep the patient during an illness. When thirsty, they put it in the mouth. It is believed that agates have the ability to protect people from exposure to radiation.

In Indian Ayurveda, agate is recommended for children: it eliminates excessive childish timidity and fear, helps children begin to walk earlier.

The magical properties of agate
In ancient Rome, agates were the stones of the fertility goddess Pomona, who was the patroness of crops and gardening. It was believed that balls of agate can protect plants from hail and night frosts. Pliny the Elder wrote that agates help athletes achieve athletic success and pacify anger. In ancient Egypt, it was believed that an agate amulet can protect its owner from a lightning strike, save it during an earthquake, and also quench thirst. Eye agates are often used for inserting statues in the eyes and for making talismans and amulets for evil eye, spoilage, and witchcraft. Agate bowls in ancient times were widely used in magic: wavy and small lines of agate contributed to this, giving the impression of fabulousness and otherworldly. It was believed that agate stone helps to maintain the loyalty of the lovers to each other, so when they were about to be separated, they exchanged rings with an agate insert. Natural agate stone is considered a mineral that can harmonize the environment, makes its owner pleasant to talk to and eloquent, and also protects it from negative influences from the outside (energy attacks and psychological vampirism), taking on negative energy. It is no coincidence that in the Middle Ages agate was considered a talisman from sorcerers. Arriving home, such a stone must be cleaned, and thank for the care and salvation.

White agate is the talisman of children, protects them from the evil eye, and strengthens health. White agate is considered a stone of peace and tranquility, and is used as an amulet from the effects of evil forces. It helps to show kindness, gentleness, calmness, self-confidence in a person. Women are advised to wear it in earrings.

Gray agate is a stone of justice, it helps to win lawsuits, however, it is not recommended to be worn by false and insecure people, because the action of this stone can turn against them. It pacifies anger, evens out quarrels and conflicts, restores peace and balance in relations between people. It is not recommended to be worn constantly, it is periodically necessary to remove it.

Blue agate - in the life of those who have it, it brings peace and love, promotes various innovations, enhances creative abilities. This is a stone of active, active, creative people.

Agate gray-brown - associated with a career and money. According to ancient traditions, its constant wearing makes it possible to satisfy one's own ambition.

Brown or brownish agate - protects from many troubles and troubles, and also contributes to survival in emergency situations.

Yellow-brown agate is a stone of scientists and philosophers, it contributes to the establishment of favorable contacts with people, and also protects in any roads and travels.

Yellow agate - this stone is associated with trade, it should be worn before important purchases. It also improves mood, but is contraindicated in people who are not serious and blabbed. It is not recommended to wear it in the first half of life. It is also a stone of kindness, gentleness, calmness, contributing to the well-being of the home, strengthening the family, the acquisition and accumulation of knowledge. Since ancient times, it is considered a stone of educators, the ring with it was always worn by the teacher (guru). Its healing qualities affect the physical condition of a person, the return and preservation of vital energy.

Light yellow agate is a very common stone in the Far East, very beloved by the locals. It is believed that wearing it helps to increase strength and energy, and also protects from the evil eye and damage.

Golden agate is a bright stone, it increases creativity and is also associated with money and gifts.

Effect on the Chakras
Agates have a beneficial effect on all chakras. But, depending on the color, they can have a special effect on some chakras: blue and yellow agate - manipura; white agate - vishudha; red agate - anahata.

Agate energy
Agate has yin energy.

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