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Orange dreamcatcher orange dream catcher home decor dreamcatchers wall hanging dream catcher nursery boho dream catcher wall gift for woman

The dream catcher,will be a wonderful decoration for a children's holiday.

1 - Orange dreamcatcher 69$

base - willow willow,
beads glass, plastic, wood, baby yarn,
the napkin is hand-crocheted from a cotton thread,
rhinestones plastic

ring diameter 20 cm (8 inches)
height of the composition - 45.5cm (18")


2 - Little dreamcatcher, Beige dreamcatcher, 59$

willow vine,
baby yarn,
synthetic thread,
pink quartz crystals
crocheted napkin

height of the composition - 44cm (17.32")

ring diameter 15cm (5.91inches)

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is one of those minerals that attract love to its owner. And although the color of love in the world is red, the delicate pink mineral is directly related to the world of feelings and emotions.

Rose quartz, like no other stone, causes gentle, touching sensations. This is not a burning passion of pomegranate, not crimson colors of ruby, not sexual juiciness of tourmaline - this is a romantic, dreamy aura that illuminates with its refinement and soft shade. This is not love itself, but rather its premonition, the origin of feelings. Dim, modest mineral, not much stands out from the rest of the natural stones. But if you take a closer look at it, you will certainly fall under its modest charm.

Pink rose quartz love charms appeared on our planet many centuries ago. The ancient people believed that pink quartz sent down the god of love Eros (Cupid) to Earth. Together with a gentle, charming mineral, the subtlest energy of love and sensuality has penetrated into our world. According to another version, rose quartz is the “sap” of the Earth, which crystallized over many centuries and became a stone. It was believed that if you touch a piece of frozen "juice of the Earth", you can feel the unity with everything alive on our planet - with birds, fish, forests, seas, etc. According to the Indian spiritual practices, rose quartz is a heart chakra stone. When the heart energy center is revealed, high feelings, such as love, are felt very strongly.

Rose quartz is a family talisman that brings mutual love and understanding. Beautiful mineral gives its owner attractiveness and increases her interest among men. In the old days, it was even believed that rose quartz protects against unwanted pregnancy, but this feature is not recommended to be checked!

This stone is absolutely useful for everyone - it gives cheerfulness, opens the world in a positive light, refreshes its appearance, lights its eyes! People who are attracted to a good-natured, happy and confident person are attracted by success and good luck! Rose quartz is especially useful for melancholics: the mineral “teaches” to enjoy life and see the world in all its diversity.


3 - Blue+white mini dreamcatcher 26$


4 - Beige mini dreamcatcher 46$


The base can be any color as you wish.

The deadline is 5-7 days custom order.

The dream catcher, gift for birthdays, christenings, baby showers or new additions to the family.

Thank you for visiting my store and support for handmade.

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