big sale Multicolor dreamcatcher, dreamcatcher home decor, dreamcatchers wall hanging, purple dream catcher wall decor, beige boho dream ...


Multicolor dreamcatcher, dreamcatcher home decor, dreamcatchers wall hanging, purple dream catcher wall decor, beige boho dream catcher

Multicolor dreamcatcher 88$

beads glass,
duck feathers,
rhinestones plastic,
agate gemstone,
onyx gemstone,
natural branch,
pheasant feathers,
turkey feathers

ring diameter 16cm (6,3 inches)
height of the product - 61 см ( 24,02 inches )
composition width - 43 cm (16,93inches)

Whose stone is agate by horoscope and zodiac sign
From the point of view of astrologers, only two fiery signs - Aries and Sagittarius - are not recommended to wear agate as a decoration. ... Taurus, Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra and Pisces - stones of bluish-cold tones, Gemini and Virgo - agates of yellow-orange, warm colors.

Aries 21.03 - 20.04 diamond, amethyst, garnet, pearls, ruby, chrysolite.

Taurus 21.04 - 20.05 emerald, onyx, ruby, sapphire, topaz.

Gemini 21.05 - 21.06 amethyst, pearls, emerald, sapphire, topaz, chrysolite, citrine.

Cancer June 22 - July 22, amethyst, pearls, emerald, ruby, topaz, chrysolite.

Leo 23.07 - 23.08 garnet, emerald, ruby, topaz, chrysolite, citrine.

Virgo 08.24 - 09.09 diamond, garnet, emerald, sapphire, chrysolite, citrine.

Libra 24.09 - 23.10 diamond, amethyst, emerald, chrysolite, citrine.

Scorpio 24.10 - 22.11 amethyst, garnet, ruby, sapphire, topaz.

Sagittarius 23.11 - 21.12 amethyst, garnet, emerald, sapphire, topaz, chrysolite.

Capricorn 12.22 - 01.20 amethyst, pomegranate, rauchtopaz, ruby.

Aquarius 21.01 - 20.02 amethyst, garnet, pearl, emerald, sapphire, citrine.

Pisces 21.02 - 20.03 amethyst, aquamarine, pearls, sapphire, chrysolite.

Diamond - a symbol of innocence, firmness and courage, protects and helps in solving problems.

Emerald - a symbol of happy love, brings good luck and joy. Sapphire - a symbol of fidelity, chastity and modesty, brings happiness and joy.

Ruby is a stone of power and passionate love.

Pearls are a symbol of devotion and love.

Aquamarine - the "stone of lovers", protects marital happiness, promotes well-being in life, a symbol of good luck.

Amethyst is a symbol of peace of mind.

Topaz is the personification of eternal friendship.

Pomegranate is a symbol of constancy.

Chrysolite - a stone-amulet, brings calm and balance.

Rauchtopaz - a stone that relieves pain and stress, has calming properties.

Agate is a symbol of longevity!
Based on the horoscope, astrologers concluded that this mineral is an ideal talisman for people whose sign is the zodiac Cancer. He will help them discover and develop hidden creative abilities. In addition, the mineral is suitable for Cancer, as it gives him confidence in his own abilities. For Cancer, the stone will also become a good anti-stress. He will protect the representatives of this zodiacal sign from any mental disorders. Besides this, agate gives Raku happiness. He will help him improve all aspects of life. In addition, the mineral gives Cancer peace and tranquility. Thanks to this stone they will learn to control their emotions. Agate will also make Cancer courageous. If we talk about which sign of the zodiac the mineral is still suitable as a talisman, then this is the Gemini. With this zodiacal sign agate will immediately develop a good relationship. The stone grants them peace and tranquility. Their restless disposition sometimes prevents them from making the right decisions. Therefore, for Gemini, the mineral will become the means by which they will learn to control their emotions and find the right way out in a given situation. To twins, this stone is recommended to be worn in a ring, so it will "work" harder. A ring with a stone to representatives of these zodiacal signs should be worn on the ring finger. Agate astrologers recommend wearing Taurus. For this sign, the energy of the mineral is suitable. The stone will help the representatives of this zodiacal sign "pacify" their anger. In addition, agate grants them financial well-being. For this, it is recommended that Taurus wear rings with this mineral. In this case, the stone will attract money. The magic of such rings is activated if they are worn on the middle finger. A stone can be used for Virgo. It is also one of the zodiacal signs to whom a mineral is suitable. A Virgin will help to find love. The stone is especially suitable for the Virgin - a woman. He makes sure that the representative of the fair sex of this zodiac sign looks better. Due to this they are always in the center of attention of men. According to the horoscope agate suits Libra. The mineral will improve the health of representatives of these zodiacal signs. If we talk about what kind of zodiacal sign does not fit this mineral, then its wearing is contraindicated Sagittarius and Aries. This is especially true of Streltsov. The fact is that these zodiacal signs are incompatible in energy with agate. Mineral can bring misfortune to both Aries and Sagittarius. Because of him, representatives of these zodiacal signs will change life for the worse. In addition, for Sagittarius and Aries, the influence of stone is disastrous. He increases their nervousness and irritability. Therefore, these signs of the zodiac are recommended to use another stone.


The tangible effect of onyx energy can be felt using the simplest beads or necklace. The spleen, melancholy, depression fly away instantly, as soon as your body is decorated with this stone. You will immediately feel the powerful, elastic vibrations of the mineral, the concentration of attention will increase, all the senses will aggravate. 10 minutes of contact with onyx are enough to relieve a headache or tune in to painstaking attentive work.

Onyx is a good teacher. It helps its owner to feel his vibrations and learn to distinguish them from others. Onyx also teaches empathy. And most importantly, onyx helps its owner to become a “teacher" himself and provide assistance to insecure people with a weak or injured psyche. The onyx owner is able to increase his vibrations and is able to help others in this.

The main property and mission of onyx is the ability to separate the traumatic experience from the healthy psyche of a person, turn off destructive processes, block negative and stressful conditions. Onyx enhances the personal vibrations of its owner, helps him overcome all difficulties and find the right solutions.

Magical properties
Mages believed that onyx is a “stone-dog”, which is always on guard and protects the space of its master from energy attacks.

Mages from ancient times use onyx as a powerful protective talisman. It’s impossible to bewitch the owner of an onyx pendant. With onyx, you can also remove the love spell. Onyx amulets protect from the curses of black sorcerers.

Onyx protects from external aggression, attempts, from sudden death. This stone saves the elderly from loneliness and trouble.

Jewelry with a stone is considered an ideal talisman for businessmen - it brings success in commercial projects, attracts the respect of others, contributes to the successful outcome of business negotiations, helps in the completion of all started business, develops strong-willed qualities, self-control and self-criticism, sociability and public speaking skills. Even in the Middle Ages it was believed that black onyx awakens ambition and business activity in its owners.

An important magical property of onyx is the development of leadership qualities, it is a stone of winners, increasing self-esteem, adding self-confidence. The energy of the stone eliminates unnecessary illusions and suspiciousness. Adds assertiveness, stress tolerance, determination. Helps focus on specific tasks.

Since onyx is able to concentrate energy in large volumes, the mineral from ancient times has been used as a talisman among priests and other representatives of the clergy.

Onyx will do a good job of adventurers and over-enthusiasts: they add prudence and a healthy attitude to life. In ancient times, Onyx was considered "the guardian of his owner, saving him from fire and madness."

More than the rest of the zodiac signs, onyx suits Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.

Healing properties
Onyx is an excellent healer. The energy of the stone “pulls” all ailments and diseases from the body. The mineral has established itself as an effective pain reliever. Onyx plates or stones are applied to the head, stomach, and other parts of the body that hurt. In ancient times, talismans and jewelry with onyx were applied to the stomach to get rid of colic. Onyx also helps relieve inflammatory processes.

Onyx is recommended to wear to those who suffer from circulatory disorders. Framed in silver, onyx helps with heart pain. Onyx is very useful for those who suffer from insomnia: you just need to put on a bead or bracelet from onyx for the night. The powerful and measured energy of the mineral calms and “lulls”.

The base can be any color as you wish.

The deadline is 5-7 days custom order.

The dream catcher, gift for birthdays, christenings, baby showers or new additions to the family.

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