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Lilac Tree of life, Dream catcher wall hanging, Dreamcatcher, Boho, lilac dream catchers, boho decor, gift, bohemian decor, nursery, wedding

Whose stone is agate by horoscope and zodiac sign
From the point of view of astrologers, only two fiery signs - Aries and Sagittarius - are not recommended to wear agate as a decoration. ... Taurus, Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra and Pisces - stones of bluish-cold tones, Gemini and Virgo - agates of yellow-orange, warm colors.

Quartz will help men-Aquarius in their professional activities, nourishes with light energy. Since rose quartz belongs to the stones of January, it is the lucky talisman of Capricorn. In addition to Aquarius, rose quartz the zodiac sign is suitable for Cancer, Taurus and those born under the sign of Libra

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Aries 21.03 - 20.04 diamond, amethyst, garnet, pearls, ruby, chrysolite.

Taurus 21.04 - 20.05 emerald, onyx, ruby, sapphire, topaz.

Gemini 21.05 - 21.06 amethyst, pearls, emerald, sapphire, topaz, chrysolite, citrine.

Cancer June 22 - July 22, amethyst, pearls, emerald, ruby, topaz, chrysolite.

Leo 23.07 - 23.08 garnet, emerald, ruby, topaz, chrysolite, citrine.

Virgo 08.24 - 09.09 diamond, garnet, emerald, sapphire, chrysolite, citrine.

Libra 24.09 - 23.10 diamond, amethyst, emerald, chrysolite, citrine.

Scorpio 24.10 - 22.11 amethyst, garnet, ruby, sapphire, topaz.

Sagittarius 23.11 - 21.12 amethyst, garnet, emerald, sapphire, topaz, chrysolite.

Capricorn 12.22 - 01.20 amethyst, pomegranate, rauchtopaz, ruby.

Aquarius 21.01 - 20.02 amethyst, garnet, pearl, emerald, sapphire, citrine.

Pisces 21.02 - 20.03 amethyst, aquamarine, pearls, sapphire, chrysolite.

Diamond - a symbol of innocence, firmness and courage, protects and helps in solving problems.

Emerald - a symbol of happy love, brings good luck and joy. Sapphire - a symbol of fidelity, chastity and modesty, brings happiness and joy.

Ruby is a stone of power and passionate love.

Pearls are a symbol of devotion and love.

Aquamarine - the "stone of lovers", protects marital happiness, promotes well-being in life, a symbol of good luck.

Amethyst is a symbol of peace of mind.

Topaz is the personification of eternal friendship.

Pomegranate is a symbol of constancy.

Chrysolite - a stone-amulet, brings calm and balance.

Rauchtopaz - a stone that relieves pain and stress, has calming properties.

Quartz - gem stone is recommended to employees of creative professions, as it helps to uncover creativity and enrich imagination with its energy.
Quartz also activates mental activity and therefore it is worth it to have on the desktop students and people of mental work.
It is advised to wear quartz crystals in silver to those who want to draw luck, love, well-being or realize other desires.
Some varieties of the crystal should be taken with you if you need to relieve headache, stress, overcome stress (green quartz) or to get rid of offenses, calmness and peace of mind (pink quartz).
Entrepreneurs and managers are encouraged to smoke quartz, which contributes to the selection of the optimal solution in complex and critical situations.

The base of the tree is covered with acrylic paint and acrylic lacquer

Rings - base wood decorated with satin ribbon
wood - made of natural gemstone quartz
duck feathers,
wooden rings,
metallic beads,
wood beads,

weight of goth product without package 916 grams
approximate weight with shipping packaging 1420-1590 grams

The width of the composition is 67cm ( 26.4inches)
The height of the composition is 102.5cm ( 40.4 inches)
size of the ring with wood 28.2 cm (11.1 inches)
the size of the small ring is 11 cm (4.33 inches)

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