big sale Gray moon dreamcatcher - mermaid shells moon dreamcatcher, mermaid boho wall decor, mermaid gift, shell dreamcatcher, moon dream...


Gray moon dreamcatcher - mermaid shells moon dreamcatcher, mermaid boho wall decor, mermaid gift, shell dreamcatcher, moon dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher - mini moon Dreamcatcher - mini green moon
polymer clay,
sea shells,
metal hardware
eco leather
plastic rhinestones,

hematite - Hematite is a symbol of courage and wisdom. From ancient times it was believed that it gives strength and invulnerability in battle, helps to maintain optimism, courage and will. Hematite is a talisman for men, especially for warriors.

Cat's eye gemstone - magical properties

Not for nothing that the cat's eye, barely appearing, won a strong place among the magic talismans.

Mages immediately felt tremendous defensive power and deep potential in him, both for a person and for the harmony of the whole house.

The cat's eye protects not only the physical shell and inner world of a person, but also protects his relationship.

It helps to avoid many quarrels, misunderstandings, jealousies and envy.

Tamisman moon with a cat's eye - will become a powerful guardian of your life and home.

The wearer of this stone will feel much more confident, his mood will become positive and less and less deteriorate.
Love relationships are also protected by a cat's eye.
The stone helps to build relationships with your soul mate, and those who do not have it will help to attract the attention of a potential lover.
He takes away all adversity, and he will definitely warn about those that cannot be avoided.
As changes approach, the stone begins to get heavier, touching the skin of its owner.

The cat's eye will teach you to trust intuition, listen and see signs that were previously inaccessible. It will help to become more attentive, sensitive and delicate.

It will be an excellent ally of speakers and people whose work is related to creativity or mental work. The stone helps to win the favor of people, unravel their secret motives, protect themselves from lies and deceit.

With him it will be easier to understand whose words are sincere, and who wants to do harm. But unscrupulous people are better off not wearing such a stone. He has his own attitude towards bad people - a stone can bring about failure

Moon Size 14 cm (5.50 inches)
Product Height 26.5 cm (10.43 in.)

The moon (symbol) The moon symbolizes abundance, cyclical renewal, rebirth, immortality, occult power, variability, intuition and emotions. The ancients measured time on the cycles of the moon; determine the timing of the onset of the ebb and flow; predicted what the future crop would be.

The moon is a symbol of the feminine

The moon, being a symbol of the feminine, gives horoscope owners attractiveness and beauty. The favorable location of the moon in the female horoscope indicates that a woman is able to be a good housewife in the house and a wonderful wife. For a person with more developed intellectual abilities, the Moon, like Venus, with which they have much in common, makes it possible to broaden their horizons and contributes to the development of achievements in the field of art. With friendliness and love, the Moon is able to reward everyone. In the horoscopes of caring wives and mothers, psychologists, healers, doctors, a favorable location of this planet is often observed. According to the position in the horoscope of the moon they judge the ability of a person to influence others, social status, and the degree of our popularity. To determine the political influence of man, like the sun, the moon is a very important factor. The strong position of the Moon in the horoscope of a person, like the Sun, can endow a person with a strong attraction. The moon has the ability to overshadow the influence on man of other planets, even the sun. If the presence of a strong Sun in the horoscope symbolizes the type of strong-willed leader, then the Moon designates the leader of the masses who represents their interests. According to the position in the person’s horoscope of the Moon, one can talk about how a person perceives society as a whole and those around him, in particular, how a person makes personal contacts. The sun is a very strong planet, therefore it is able to subjugate any planet with which it interacts. The energy of the moon interacts with the energy of other planets surrounding it. The ideal option is to place the planets at an angle of 30-50 degrees relative to the moon, i.e., in subsequent or previous houses.

It is best if the planets have beneficial effects, worse if the planet’s influence is negative, but worse if there are no other planets near the moon, as an isolated moon leads to depression, mental disorders, setbacks, etc.

In Vedic astrology, the decisive factor is the phase of the moon (waning or growing), during which a person is born. The growing moon brings positive, the waning - negative. The full moon has a highly beneficial effect, so an important factor is the specific phase in which the planet was at the time of birth. The gaining brightness or the growing Moon, barely moving away from the new moon, cannot have a strong beneficial effect, because still dull enough, and vice versa. Therefore, you should pay attention to these important factors.

This small moon in a single copy will be a wonderful decoration for a children's room, will be a cute Christmas present.

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