big sale Blue Cat's Eye Necklace Choker 19",Wedding Birthday Holiday Gift,multibead Necklace, Bohemian Necklace, Gemstone Necklace, Gift ...


Blue Cat's Eye Necklace Choker 19",Wedding Birthday Holiday Gift,multibead Necklace, Bohemian Necklace, Gemstone Necklace, Gift For Her

Blue Cat's Eye Necklace, crystal beads, metal fittings, glass beads, lampwork, howl
The kit includes earrings on a metal basis.
bead length with extension 19 inches (48 cm), pendant size 1.9 inches (4.8cm)

** Cat's eye All-seeing protector PROPERTIES**

Healing properties
Information about the miraculous effect of the mineral is known both in eastern medicine and in European. The cat's eye has a positive effect on the Throat Chakra. In ancient times, jewelry on the neck from a cat's eye was worn by children suffering from asthma (to eliminate seizures), pneumonia, tonsillitis and other respiratory diseases. It is noted that this mineral helps the digestive organs, can act as a laxative.

The healing properties of cat eye jewelry

All "eye" stones have similar healing properties - they help to cope with inflammatory processes in the body, heal blood diseases, stimulate the bone and lymphatic systems, promote immunity, and regulate the functioning of the thymus and spleen.

Strong cat's eye in the fight against colds. Beads and necklaces help to cope with chronic tonsillitis and even asthma. Effectively relieves neurosis, eliminates depression, relieves fatigue from the eyes - for this you need to briefly apply the mineral to closed eyes.

Chrysoberyl cat's eye was rubbed and taken orally for the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism. Regular wearing jewelry with chrysoberyl stimulates the blood vessels and circulatory system, treats cardiovascular diseases. Cat's eye is recommended to be worn for quick healing of bone fractures.

Magical properties
In magical rites, this mineral has been used for a long time and is very active. Ancient Indian magicians used chrysoberyl cat's eye to understand the language of animals. With the help of this mystical stone they recognized the future and made predictions. The Indians believed that the cat's eye brings luck to its owner in financial matters and helps to win in gambling. The stone very quickly “remembers” the energy of its owner and diverts negative energy from it.

The magical properties of cat eye jewelry

According to magicians, with the help of a cat's eye, you can call back love, strengthen friendship and maintain marital fidelity. "Eye" quartz have a deep cleansing effect on humans, eliminate negative energy, provide protection from astral attacks. The stone helps its owner to pay attention to signs that are not at first glance noticeable.

Jewelry with a cat's eye can be worn by all signs of the zodiac. Especially the mineral favors Scorpions and Cancers. It is precisely the representatives of these signs that it is not recommended to wear a cat's eye at the same time as other minerals, since in this case the stone energy can act to the detriment of its owner. The rest of the signs of the zodiac stone can be worn in any combination.
The stone helps to attract sympathy for its owner from others.
It is recommended to be worn by adolescents, as it helps to relieve painlessly psychologically difficult adolescence. The stone helps to quickly tune in to a responsible adult life.

Cat-eye mascots have the most beneficial effect on people in creative professions - artists, writers, artists, musicians. The stone reveals the energy of charm and eloquence; therefore, it also helps lecturers and diplomats in their work.

The cat's eye is one of the most beloved stones of magicians and mystics. In ancient times, charms and amulets were made from it. Archaeologists still find cat-eye amulets on the ruins of ancient cities, to which dried cat's legs are tied. According to scientists, these are talismans that thousands of years ago belonged to ancient clairvoyants and seers. Such amulets possessed mystical and inexplicable power. "Eye" stones are, first and foremost, protective stones with some bewitching beauty. They “look” at others, like the eyes of predators, warning that its owner is under vigilant supervision. Indeed, due to the fact that the thin light strip on the stone moves at different angles of illumination, it seems that the stone sees everything and protects its owner. No wonder in antiquity the cat's eye symbolized a long life - "because the cat has nine lives."

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