big sale big sale 50 Glass Mosaic Tiles, Copper Swirl Tiles, Glass Square tiles, Square Tiles for Mosaics, Metallic Tiles, CHOOSE COLOR


50 Glass Mosaic Tiles, Gold Veined Venetian Glass Mosaic Tiles, Copper Swirl Tiles, Glass Square tiles, Square Tiles for Mosaics, Metallic Tiles, CHOOSE COLOR

50 vitreous glass mosaic tiles available in the colors shown (choose from the drop-down list). Square tiles with a semi-gloss finish and glittery copper-colored aventurine .

(Aventurine (aventurine) glass - colored glass with crystalline inclusions of chromium, iron-containing compounds or copper, looking like a lot of golden sparks. Outwardly resembles the natural mineral aventurine.

Aventurine glass was first created in Venice at the beginning of the 17th century. Presumably, it owes its appearance to the occasion (Italian: avventura): once a Murano glass-blower accidentally spilled copper shavings into a molten glass mass and received an unexpected effect. Subsequently, the name given to the resulting composition was transferred to a mineral similar to it: until that time, aventurine had a different name [1].

A variety of jewelry was made from aventurine glass, and the technology of its production was kept secret (as were the methods for preparing other types of Venetian glass).

Later, aventurine glass and its ornaments were made according to the method of the German chemist Max von Pettenkofer in England, France and Germany. This method consists in the fact that the hematinon mass was fused with iron filings and then cooled very slowly. The astralite made by Pettenkofer is much similar to it.

Modern aventurine glass differs from natural aventurine in lower hardness and the presence of various inclusions [2]. There are various technologies for its manufacture, depending on which, in particular, the color of the resulting glass changes: chromium oxides give a green color, cobalt oxides give a blue color, iron oxides give a red color, etc. [2] ) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goldstone_(glass)

SIZE: About 15 mm (about 0,51inch).

THICKNESS: About 3 -mm (about 0,11 inch).Tiles lay flat. Textured bottoms for better grip.

glass mosaic is used for both indoor and outdoor use
Properties of glass mosaic:
Strength. Despite the fact that the basis of the mosaic is glass, it is much stronger than ordinary glass. This is explained by the technology of its production - after molding molten glass, it is fired at high temperatures in special furnaces. Glass mosaic is resistant to chemicals, it will not harm the inorganic and organic acids, which are part of most cleaning products. Therefore, the mosaic is often laid on the countertop and floors in the kitchen, the lining of the kitchen apron is especially popular. The only thing to be wary of is citric acid. Its prolonged presence on the surface of a glass mosaic (a day or more) can damage the coating. Glass -mosaic

Water resistant. Glass mosaic will show itself perfectly in the lining of bathrooms, bowls of pools, fountains, saunas, and other rooms with high humidity. And all thanks to its water resistance.

Heat resistance. Glass mosaic is a heat-resistant material, resistant to sudden changes in temperature with an upper threshold of up to + 145 ° С. therefore, it is often used in lining the outside of fireplaces and stoves.

Frost resistance. It withstands not only high, but also low temperatures. Most samples are able to survive 100 cycles of natural temperature changes without loss of quality. As a result, this material can be used in the lining of outdoor spaces and small architectural forms. Almost zero porosity makes the glass mosaic practically immune to the whims of nature.

Glass mosaic is able to turn any interior into a space of fairy tale and chic. She will perfectly decorate the kitchen, bathroom, dining room, hallway, and even the living room. innovative technologies for the manufacture of glass mosaics allow you to create wonderful decorative compositions, each time unique and quite affordable.

We have already paid attention to the use of mosaics in interior design - Mosaic as a decorative material. In the same article, we will exclusively consider glass mosaics, as a material that definitely deserves a separate presentation.

To begin with, we learn what the feature of glass mosaics is, and its differences from the more familiar ceramic mosaics.


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