big sale Bead green Bracelet, Prenit Bracelet, Healing Bracelet, woman Good Luck Jewelry, woman Gift, Zen Bangle, Birthday gift,Woman gifts


Bead green Bracelet, Prenit Bracelet, Healing Bracelet, woman Good Luck Jewelry, woman Gift, Zen Bangle, Birthday gift,Woman gifts

Peace Stone

Healing properties
Like all minerals, prenite has healing properties - it boosts immunity, and helps to cure complex diseases like anemia.
Modern lithotherapists recommend wearing prenit jewelry to anyone who suffers from gout. To prevent the treatment of various kidney diseases, it is recommended to carry the mineral in a clothing pocket in the lumbar region - this will help to cope with pyelonephritis, renal failure, etc.

The healing properties of prenitis

Prenite has a positive effect on the Heart Chakra - this is the 4th ANAHATA chakra. The color of the stone corresponds to the color of the chakra - green. The heart chakra depends on the influence of the Sun and the planets Venus and Saturn. Open and normally functioning ANAHATA increases the efficiency of the three lower chakras, has a positive effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system, chest, and spine.
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If you always wear pendants from prenite, then the probability of a disease of the chest and spine can be reduced to zero. According to lithotherapists, prenit bracelets help even with frostbite. Earrings and pendants strengthen memory, help to concentrate, increase efficiency. Such jewelry is ideal for students and teachers, as well as anyone who has a professional relationship with music and history.

Magical properties
Prenit is the personification of peace, peace and harmony in the house. Practicing magicians and mediums actively use this mineral in their activities - they predict the future, contact with other worlds, and make astral travels to the future and the past.

Pendant with prenite

The stone helps everyone to comprehend the depths of magic, to learn the harmony of the Universe, to strengthen willpower, perseverance and self-confidence. Earrings and pendants with prenite help people suffering from excessive distraction.

Prenite Bracelet

In medieval Europe, it was believed that prenites have a particular effect on women - beads and bracelets from this mineral make their owners extremely attractive to males, adding to them self-confidence. The vibration frequency of the stone has the most positive effect on the female aura. If you are in a long search for your second half, get jewelry with prehnit and it is highly likely that your personal life will be improved in the very near future.

Prenit is a wonderful talisman for everyone who strives for complete harmony with the outside world. If you often meditate, and can not imagine your life without regular and prolonged outdoor recreation - this is your stone. Do not forget to take pebbles with you when traveling and traveling. The mineral nourishes you with the necessary energy, opens up the body's reserve resources in case of emergency.

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