Beach house shell wall decor, Shell Mermaid decor, Coastal decor,Jewelry Organizer,Boho Decor Storage Jewelry Holder,Hanging Jewelry Display


Beach house shell wall decor, Shell Mermaid decor, Coastal decor,Jewelry Organizer,Boho Decor Storage Jewelry Holder,Hanging Jewelry Display

The photo shows an example, the number of pendants can be any, depending on the organizer selected. You can purchase only one pendant or several by filling in the organizer for wall panels at your request

In this listing, pendants are sold without a wall pan holder.

Decor from seashells for organizer on a natural wooden branch.

Seashell pendants created for the decor of a beach house, a few memories of a summer vacation.

Seashell pendants can be purchased separately or with an organizer for jewelry.

Pendants can be used as a full sea panel or small accents for your holder with jewelry










1 - Big shell size aprox 31-32 cm (12.20-12.60 inch)

2- Small shell size aprox 28-29 cm (11.02- 11.42inch)

these branches are not simple pieces of trees and branches, the branches are collected on the famous island of Khortitsa on the banks of the Dnieper River - a unique place, covered with legends, myths and legends of various eras. Here granites rise to the earth's surface, whose age exceeds 2.5 billion years, it is here that there are mounds - the same age as the Egyptian pyramids and ancient temples - cromlechs. This is a place of power, where thousands of people come recharged with vital energy, and the Zaporizhzhya Sich is a symbol of the era of the Cossack freemen, military valor and identity of the Ukrainian people.

Buying these environmental organizers for your jewelry, keys - you will bring the strong energy of the ancient history of Ukraine to your home. This magical healing energy - will become a powerful energy field in your home - where you can recharge with strength of mind and health

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