Beach house shell wall decor, Shell Mermaid decor, Coastal decor,Beach panel, Beach Decor, Beach Home Decor SeaShell panel, Beach House Gift


Beach house shell wall decor, Shell Mermaid decor, Coastal decor,Beach panel, Beach Decor, Beach Home Decor SeaShell panel, Beach House Gift

Associated with space, galactic forms. Values:

inspiration and exhalation of the Creator;
convolution and development of creation;
unwinding and twisting of matter.
In the Hindu tradition, the sink is an attribute of the divine Vishnu and a symbol of the primary sound "Nada-Brahma" that gave life to our universe. Similar stories, only with different names, are in Buddhism.

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panel size - 39cm (15.35 inches)

Panel of seashells of different seas.
Shells, melancholy collected on the shore under the gentle splashing of the waves - the main souvenir, which is usually brought from the sea. Having become more mature, we appreciate not only the beautiful creations of mother nature, but also their embodiments in everyday life and art. Oh, how elegant porcelain is good, even if it is no longer Meissen, and what a marvelous plot in the pictures! And the shells there is not a simple detail.

"Venerina" scallop
Shells were loved by the creators and the public during the times of antiquity: their images were quite a popular element in mosaic decorations. Moreover, the sublime: a neat rippled sink, became not only a symbol of the water element, but also an attribute of female deities, first of all - Aphrodite. Nacre was revered as the divine envelope of the Pennior. Antique tradition adopted by the artists of the Renaissance. On the canvases of Poussin, Tiepolo, Titian and Botticelli, the goddess of love, as a rule, stands in the middle of the sea in a large shell, but in some cases holds a scallop in her hand - a symbol of the feminine principle.

It is a symbol of water, feminine and sexual in nature; resembling the female genital, the conch is associated with fertility and carnal love. In China, the shell-kauri appears as the personification of the feminine yin and is associated with the moon (“When the moon turns dark, the shells are empty,” says Tao Te Ching ”). It also becomes a form of death and resurrection, the kauri shell pattern forms one of the elements of the burial ornament.

The birth of Venus
The birth of Venus, Sandro Botticelli, 1482
The shell is considered a yoni symbol in Hinduism. In addition, the shell appears as an attribute of Vishnu as a particle of the pristine ocean, an image of pre-initial life, a symbol of the first sound - om, which transmits the breath of God and the rhythm of the universe. In Japan, it is one of the sacred symbols of tantric Buddhism.

In Greek mythology, the shell becomes an attribute of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, who, according to the myth, was born from a sea shell. In Christianity, the shell receives a negative interpretation as a symbol of the grave. The image of the pearl is also closely connected with the symbolism of the shell. In a number of traditions, the shell personifies the body, under the shell of which the pearl-soul grows.

Shells in feng shui is a symbol of prosperity and well-being. Due to the abundance and comparative availability of this wonderful creation of nature, as well as the incredible beauty that filled the underwater world, shells are widely used as an element of decor in the rooms.

The shells in the house of Feng Shui can contribute to the energy of your space fullness, harmony and stability.

From the point of view of energy and religion, spirals of shells are sometimes interpreted as the level of development of a person and his soul throughout life. because the older the clam, the more curls on the shell. So the person - the older, the higher the level of development (not always, but ideally).


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