Обмен и возврат

Custom and personalized orders
Hello friends! You can customize a warrant or personalized product. Individual orders are made in the shortest possible time after coordination of the design, also during execution - you get additional photos and at the intermediate production you can make additions or changes. We are pleased to do something unique just for you!
Sizing details
Our beloved friends! my family is ready to make products according to your sizes, the maximum ring size is 98 cm ( 38.6inches) , the length is unlimited, it all depends on the height of your room.
Care instructions
All products are possible - dry cleaning, vacuuming at low power, do not hang on the products, do not throw, do not break.
Gift wrapping and packaging
All products are packaged in durable kraft cardboard, with additional stiffness. For transport safety in large products, the filler is polystyrene, an air packaging film. Large products - packaging sizes of 30 inches or more - at the customs clearance in Ukraine and the country of arrival can be inspected and packaged at the discretion of the customs service. Small items are additionally packed in gift paper. All orders have additional souvenirs from Ukraine. Thank you for supporting handmade in Ukraine. We love you.
Wholesale availability
Wholesale from 5 products. In the presence of more than 500 finished products in a single copy. Write to us and we will discuss the possibility of collaborating on an ongoing basis.
Order Processing Time
Processing is carried out immediately after receiving the order. Sending the order on the day of the order, time difference - can postpone the delivery to the next day. Example - if you made an order at 5 pm California time - in Ukraine this time is 3 am. Your order will be shipped the same day. Cancellation of the order after sending and receiving the track number is not possible. Cancellation of an individual order is not possible at all - since it arrives for individual production after receipt
Estimated Delivery Time
Delivery time depends on your country and package size. For example, a small parcel to France the size (26x26 cm) will arrive in France with standard delivery in 4-7 days. DHL express delivery is possible at the company's tariffs (delivery to the USA in 3-4 days). On Christmas and New Year holidays delivery delays are possible. If you did not pick up the parcel delivered to you, the refund will be 70% of the order amount, after the parcel has been returned to Ukraine. I do not accept cancellation after sending the parcel and notifying you with the parcel tracking tracker.
Customs and import taxes
All orders are shipped and marked - GIFTS and the minimum cost
Payment options
Return and exchange
Return or exchange is carried out no later than 14 days from the date of receipt of the parcel, if the product has not been used. And did not participate in the action (discounts), custom-made products. Return shipping charges are at the expense of the sender. If you doubt the shade of the purchased product - write to us - we will send additional photos with different lighting. Color correction is not used. Only real photos. I do not accept returns on products purchased at a discount and free shipping.