Wire Tree of life, blue Dream catcher wall hanging, bohemian blue decor, zodiac signs, gift girlfriend, gifts


Wire Tree of life, blue Dream catcher wall hanging, bohemian blue decor, zodiac signs, gift girlfriend, gifts

Blue Tree of life

tree of life - made of natural nacre
Feathers of a duck,
Howlite Stone,
plastic beads
wooden rings,
metallic beads,
wood beads,


The height of the composition is 60cm ( 23.62 inches)
size of the ring with wood 18 cm ( 7.09 inches)
the size of the small ring is 8.5cm (3.15 inches)

Healing properties
Howlite Stone - The presence of calcium determines the basic healing properties of Howlite. According to experts, it has a beneficial effect on the human system, accelerates the healing of fractures, strengthens teeth, and maintains a proper level of calcium in the body. For the same reason, wearing jewelry made of stone is useful for pregnant women, because a large amount of this mineral is required to form a baby’s bone tissue.

It is also believed that govlite necklaces and beads harmonize the activity of the cardiovascular system, strengthen immunity, and help to cope with stress, depression and obsessive fear. Govit - a favorite stone of massage therapists, because it retains heat perfectly. It is effective in cellulite and joint diseases.

Magical properties
Howlite, which has its own natural color, has magical and healing properties. It symbolizes at the same time purity, innocence and great masculine power. Jewelry with a mineral will help clear the mind of evil intentions, pacify anger and passions, solve internal contradictions and doubts.

This stone serves as a reliable talisman for students, because its unique energy focuses on the educational process. It is suitable for public people as it enhances self-esteem, self-confidence, attractiveness, charm and charisma of its owner.

Interpreters of dreams especially value howl. They are convinced that the mineral helps to remember forgotten dreams and even fragments from a past life. Mineral experts also attribute its magical properties to the ability to make favorable changes in the surrounding space.

Howlite pushes its owner to continuously move forward, forcing him to constantly improve.

The meaning of the zodiac signs
Exceptionally beneficial effect of howlite has on Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn. We can say with full confidence that this is their stone: its strength and positive influence will be felt by representatives of the aforementioned zodiac signs from the first days of possession of the mineral. They will acquire such important qualities as perseverance in achieving their goals and tolerance for others.

At the same time, the representatives of the signs of the fire element - Aries, Leo and Sagittarius - wearing Howlite jewelry and amulets is strictly contraindicated. A stone can inspire insurmountable sadness on them and bring a lot of disappointments.

For the rest of the signs, this mineral is absolutely neutral. That is, it will not cause harm, but it will not bring much benefit either, because by its magical characteristics, howlite is one of the most “calm” gems.


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