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Whose stone is agate by horoscope and zodiac sign
From the point of view of astrologers, only two fiery signs - Aries and Sagittarius - are not recommended to wear agate as a decoration. ... Taurus, Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra and Pisces - stones of bluish-cold tones, Gemini and Virgo - agates of yellow-orange, warm colors.

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wooden rings, metallic beads, wood beads, wood, gemstone, satin ribbon, agate gemstone, agate, mosaic, mosaic glass, Feathers ostrich, Feathers

Height: 33.46 Inches; Width: 9.06 Inches

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***********************Healing properties of stone*********************

Agate is a symbol of longevity!
Based on the horoscope, astrologers concluded that this mineral is an ideal talisman for people whose sign is the zodiac Cancer. He will help them discover and develop hidden creative abilities. In addition, the mineral is suitable for Cancer, as it gives him confidence in his own abilities. For Cancer, the stone will also become a good anti-stress. He will protect the representatives of this zodiacal sign from any mental disorders. Besides this, agate gives Raku happiness. He will help him improve all aspects of life. In addition, the mineral gives Cancer peace and tranquility. Thanks to this stone they will learn to control their emotions. Agate will also make Cancer courageous. If we talk about which sign of the zodiac the mineral is still suitable as a talisman, then this is the Gemini. With this zodiacal sign agate will immediately develop a good relationship. The stone grants them peace and tranquility. Their restless disposition sometimes prevents them from making the right decisions. Therefore, for Gemini, the mineral will become the means by which they will learn to control their emotions and find the right way out in a given situation. To twins, this stone is recommended to be worn in a ring, so it will "work" harder. A ring with a stone to representatives of these zodiacal signs should be worn on the ring finger. Agate astrologers recommend wearing Taurus. For this sign, the energy of the mineral is suitable. The stone will help the representatives of this zodiacal sign "pacify" their anger. In addition, agate grants them financial well-being. For this, it is recommended that Taurus wear rings with this mineral. In this case, the stone will attract money. The magic of such rings is activated if they are worn on the middle finger. A stone can be used for Virgo. It is also one of the zodiacal signs to whom a mineral is suitable. A Virgin will help to find love. The stone is especially suitable for the Virgin - a woman. He makes sure that the representative of the fair sex of this zodiac sign looks better. Due to this they are always in the center of attention of men. According to the horoscope agate suits Libra. The mineral will improve the health of representatives of these zodiacal signs. If we talk about what kind of zodiacal sign does not fit this mineral, then its wearing is contraindicated Sagittarius and Aries. This is especially true of Streltsov. The fact is that these zodiacal signs are incompatible in energy with agate. Mineral can bring misfortune to both Aries and Sagittarius. Because of him, representatives of these zodiacal signs will change life for the worse. In addition, for Sagittarius and Aries, the influence of stone is disastrous. He increases their nervousness and irritability. Therefore, these signs of the zodiac are recommended to use another stone.


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wooden ring
satin ribbon,
ostrich feathers
goose feathers
wooden beads
crystal beads,
Lempwork beads,
metal beads,
synthetic cord
ceramic beads,
gemstone cat eye,
glossy glass mosaic,
mosaic glass matt,
white greek marble,
mosaic and silver leaf

big ring diameter 26 cm (10 inches)
small ring diameter 11 cm (4 inches)
height of the product - 94 см ( 37 inches )

The healing properties of the cat's eye stone
Experts note that the mineral cat's eye has many healing properties. Among them: The healing effect on digestion and respiratory organs; Relieving breathing, restoring the nervous system, relieving spasms; Normalization of the digestive system; Removal of pain in the joints, their strengthening; Regeneration of bones in fractures and severe bruises.

The magical properties of the cat's eye
It is noted that the stone cat's eye is also characterized by a magical effect on humans. He is assigned the following properties: The ability to divert misfortunes from the owner, to warn about the danger, to guard against enemies, powerful protection from damage and the evil eye; Opening the “third eye”, increasing the owner’s charm, his clear-mindedness and aura enhancement; Providing assistance in achieving goals, increasing influence among others; Disclosure of talents, help in concentrating attention, improving susceptibility, stabilization of the nervous system; Attraction of Fortune in business and gambling.
Talismans and amulets
Speaking about the advantages of the cat's eye stone, it is advised to wear amulets and talismans with him to the diplomatic workers, artists, teachers, literary figures, as well as representatives of creative professions. This mineral is able to give them creative inspiration, strengthen talent, give charm and eloquence. Earlier, being endowed with mystical properties, the stone of a cat's eye was worn as an amulet, performing a protective function from evil forces. Today, many jewelry owners with it continue to endow the mineral with protective properties. It is noted that if you wear a rosary, all the stones of which are a natural cat's eye, or a bracelet, they will help you learn to focus better and quickly find the right solutions. If girls want to attract true love, a pendant, earrings, or even a ring in which stones like cat's eyes are hidden, they can achieve the desired without much difficulty. It seems to increase the attractiveness of the owner, fulfilling the most intimate desires.


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