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Amulet Hamsa is one of the most common amulets in the world. ... Hamsa is a symbol of openness and sincerity, rebelliousness to evil. Another value is masculinity and resilience. Externally, the amulet resembles an open palm, but with some peculiarity. It is completely symmetrical, as if there is another thumb instead of the little finger.

Hamsa in different religions

Images of the amulet can be seen not only in Eastern religions. Even in antiquity, Hamsa penetrated European culture.


In Christian literature, you can find references to the tribute "Hand of God." Externally, he has a strong resemblance to Hamsa. It can be seen on the images of religious subjects. To his owner, he provides protection during his travels, and helps everyone who deviate from his path to find his way. This also applies to people who have lost their way, not only physically, but also spiritually.


The “Hand of Fatima” symbolizes five symbols: pilgrimage; mercy; prayer; post; faith .
They, in turn, are the basis of religion. In culture, there is a story of the appearance of this amulet. One day, Fatima's husband reported that he decided to take a second wife. At this time, Fatima was cooking food, a spoon fell out of her hands, but without noticing it, she continued to stir the food. After this, the husband abandoned the idea of taking a second wife ever.


In religion, the Hand of Miriam is the symbol of the five holy books of the Jewish Torah. He is also a kind of reminder to people of his duty to faith. Every person should glorify the Most High. The Hand of Miriam bears protection from the evil eye and curses.


This religion also has a famous amulet. Its meaning is friendliness and an unacceptable attitude towards violence.

 American Indians
The Indians believed that an open palm with an image of the eye enhances the gift of clairvoyance and human intuition. They put tattoos on their bodies with the image of this symbol. The drawing was supplemented with strong spells and letters.

Who should wear an amulet

Today, there are many people who wear the hamsa amulet in one form or another. It can be precious pendants or ordinary key rings. This image is often used in the form of tattoos, but before you start wearing an image of an amulet on yourself, you should understand that it does not help everyone. Hamsa gives protection and help, gives powerful energy, but only decent, truly religious people who have a pure heart.
If a person is visited by insidious thoughts or he has a negative attitude and plans towards someone, then he should not wear a Hamsa.
Amulet not only does not help, but will bring chaos into black thoughts, strengthen remorse, and may even become dangerous. Hamsa helps many people, but there are those who just need an amulet.

The amulet is recommended to wear: children sensitive to negative energy (Hamsa will protect a child who reacts strongly to someone else’s energy and can be treated with the evil eye); motorists (you can hang a keychain in the form of an amulet on the keys or, as an ornament, on the rear-view mirror); travelers (make it easier and help you find your way back); women, in the form of a tattoo (helps to strengthen the support of the family and develops the female virtue); people whose profession is associated with risk (will not let you relax and make a mistake). Even if you travel a little and work is not risky, it does not mean that you should not wear a Hamsa. Its meaning is: to help everyone who asks for help. He gives calm and confidence in himself, helps to achieve the goal and choose the right path to it.
Hamsa enhances willpower, is a symbol of openness and honesty. Wearing it, adjusts its owner to positive thoughts.

Hamsa Amulet Activation Ritual

The ritual consists of several stages, but in itself is not difficult.
All steps must be completed exactly and your amulet will be activated for protection. Before you begin the ritual itself, you should take the amulet in your hands and feel all its energy. You have to catch every swing of it. Further, it is necessary to provide the amulet with 4 basic elements: earth, fire, water and air.

So he will begin to absorb the power of nature.
For this you need to take:
Burning candle (Fire);
Handful of land (land);
Jug with water (Water);
Smoke from incense sticks (Air).

First, hold the amulet slightly above the fire. Next, sprinkle with a handful of earth.

The next step is to wrap the amulet in the smoke from the wand and the end is to sprinkle it with water.
Each action must be accompanied by the words: “I am sending fire (air) (earth) (water) on you”

The ritual is complete and now you can use the amulet of Hamsa for its intended purpose. Known around the world, the amulet gives support to everyone whose thoughts are pure and to those who sincerely worry about their loved ones. Hamsa will definitely become an assistant in all endeavors.

Gold Teal Hamsa Amulet
●***********●●● MATERIALS ●●●************●

Talismans and amulets
Govlit - mascot of students, students, scientists and people who strive to perfectly master the professional skills. It becomes difficult to work, study or other important activities - get howlite, it will help re-energize and become more stubborn.

base wood
beads glass,
satin ribbon,
baby yarn,
duck feathers,
Govlit gemstone

Composition Hamsa
width of composition - 22.5 cm (8.66) inches
hamsa height - 25cm (9.84) inches
height of the composition - 60cm (23.62) inches

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