Set metallic Alcoholic ink Kamenskaya Ink, metallic shades (metallic colors in assorted, Kamenskaya Ink Alcohol Ink, alcohol ink

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Set metallic Alcoholic ink Kamenskaya Ink, metallic shades (metallic colors in assorted, Kamenskaya Ink Alcohol Ink, alcohol ink

 If you do not want or cannot pay using PayPal, select Other payment, and then follow this link Transparent dye-based alcohol inks create rich overflows and lie airborne on the surface.

Alcoholic ink two volumes - 5 ml

M-033 Gold, M-011 SILVER, M-022 BRONZE

Flickering series "M" - created on the basis of metal pigments, opaque, contain pop-up particles. Using this ink, you can create a light web or create a dense layer on any surface.

The “M” line is ink, which consists of metallic pigments (M011, M022, M033), and mother of pearl (M044). Shake the bottle thoroughly before use! In order for the pigment to float better, we recommend using ordinary alcohol in the work.

Unique technology of art ink on an eco-solvent base. 
Ink does not contain substances that can be harmful to your health. Dyes and pigments that are part of the ink have a light fastness level of 7-10 at a possible level of 1-10 on the light fastness scale of pigments and dyes (where 1 is the minimum level and 10 is the maximum). Professional art ink, concentrated, lightfast, multifunctional to use, mix well with each other, fit perfectly on a synthetic smooth surface, dry quickly, require dilution before use. Ink perfectly interacts with both isopropyl and ethyl alcohol. When working with alcohol, make sure that it does not contain glycerin, and also that its strength level is at least 96%. Drying time without additional exposure is 2-5 minutes. After drying, we recommend covering the image with acrylic spray varnish in several layers to preserve the picture. The ideal tandem of ink is with a diluent with a fixing effect (you not only dilute the ink with it, but also get an average degree of image fixation on the surface, which saves you varnish, time and provides comfort in work).

Storage conditions, shelf life: before opening 36 months, subject to storage conditions, after opening the bottle - 6 months.

you can buy a large volume of ink 
Volume –15 ml, 20 ml

in the comment indicate the number of the desired alcoholic ink

Important nuances: Alcoholic ink must be diluted, they must be mixed with a solvent in a glass or on the surface of the substrate. The most popular options: Isopropanol (Shell isopropyl alcohol does not contain impurities) - has a strong odor.

When working with this solvent, be sure to use a respirator and draw in a well-ventilated area. Suitable for all inks except metallic.

BlendingSolution - has a special composition based on quick-drying ethers and alcohols, developed specifically for the INK ART technique, does not require the use of a respirator, but the room should be well ventilated. Suitable for all inks, including the metallic category. It also contains components that fix the pattern, that is, before coating with epoxy resin, it is not necessary to apply varnish.

Important: in one picture, only one type of solvent must be used. The surface on which alcohol ink creates the most beautiful pattern should be non-porous and waterproof - plastic synthetic paper, plastic, ceramics, glass, epoxy primer. The protective coating for the drawing with alcoholic ink is an acrylic varnish in a spray can (required if Isopropanol was used). It is necessary to apply varnish from a distance of at least 20 cm, spray once and wait for drying, then create a second layer. If the first coat of varnish does not dry out and a second coat is applied, it may blur the pattern.

Materials that will be needed when working: Hair dryer - a working tool, necessary to create gentle transitions. This is a kind of "brush" that forms the picture. It is advisable to use a warm or cold weak stream of air so that the ink spreads in even layers and the process is controlled.

Hot air can affect the base, deform it. 
Plastic cups for ink dilution 
Oilcloth for table protection 
Rubber gloves - ink solvent can be applied to the surface, spreading on the surface with a gloved hand 
Spray bristle brush 
Liquid Pipettes 
Respirator (when using isopropanol). 
The finished work can be coated with epoxy resin, it will create a stunning effect of depth, or placed in a frame with glass.

Alcoholic ink Kamenskaya Ink M-033 "Gold"

Alcoholic Kamenskaya Ink M-022 Bronze ink

Alcoholic ink Kamenskaya Ink M-011 "Silver"

Alcoholic Kamenskaya Ink M-044 PERL ink