Set Beige dreamcatcher,macrame wall hanging,dreamcatcher wall hanging, dreamcatcher nursery,boho dreamcatcher,large dreamcatcher wallhanging

Set Beige dreamcatcher, macrame wall hanging,dreamcatcher wall hanging, dreamcatcher nursery, boho dream catcher,large dreamcatcher wall hanging

Repeat with another pattern crocheted napkins 
The natural branch is painted with durable acrylic lacquer - with repeated production may vary - aprox 2 cm 
the shape of a natural branch is not possible to repeat

Ordering this product - you always get a unique product - made just for you 
full match is not possible

finished product weight - about 3 kg 
weight of finished product with packaging - approximately 4 kg 
overall dimensions of the packaging 130 cm x 70 cm x 15 cm 
the weight depends on the size of the natural branch. 
You can order a composition of crocheted napkins without a branch

~15,75" (40cm ) 
~ 11,81" ( 30cm ) 
~ 11,22" ( 28,5cm ) 
~ 10,24" (26cm ) 
~ 9,84" (25cm ) 
~ 9,06" (23cm ) 

- height: ~ 47.64 
width ~ 59.06" (150cm)

MATERIAL Dream сatcher:

base Wood, 
synthetic cord, 
satin ribbon, 
baby yarn, 
handmade lace crochet, 
plastic beads, 
metal beads, 
Wood beads 
branch tree covered with acrylic lacquer

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