Octopus wooden decor, personal Octopus pendant , wooden Octopus decor, basis decoupage, decoration with natural flowers, shells


OM wooden decor, personal yoga pendant with OM, wooden OM decor, basis decoupage, decoration with natural flowers, shells

The wooden base is laser-cut, production with your name and any size is possible.

These decors are the basis for your creativity, you can leave the natural decor - without coating with varnish or paint, and you can also decorate your decor using decoupage, paint with any paints, coat with epoxy, make an appeal of natural or artificial colors, decorate with shells, branches.

Your imagination will help you to translate your artistic ideas.

ring ~6.30" (16cm )
- height: ~ 14" (35cm)
width ~ 20" (51cm)

Production time from 2 to 10 days, depending on the size and complexity of your order.

All finished products are packed in a crafted safe cardboard box with additional reinforcements.

Orders from $ 100 - free worldwide shipping - if your order is more than $ 100 - write to me - I will make you free shipping

Large-sized products with sizes from 60 cm to 90 cm are delivered by standard mail, delivery times up to 21 business days.