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Burgundy small shell Moon 

●***********●●● MATERIALS ●●●************●

sea shell,
lempwork beads,
plastic beads,
glass beads,
metal beads,
mosaic glass,
red jasper

composition width 9.5cm (3.54 inches)

height of the product - 29.5 см ( 11.42 inches )

This product - a dream catcher with shells and mosaics - made with a great love of sea travel and ancient Italian mosaics!

Red jasper has very valuable healing properties. It is able to stimulate the cardiovascular system, increase blood pressure, increase the reserves of the endocrine glands. Since ancient times, this mineral has been known for its ability to stop all bleeding. Women especially appreciate red jasper because it helps to cope with gynecological diseases.

No less interesting are the magical properties of the stone. That red jasper has the ability to interact with the place of permanent residence. Thus, it can reinforce all the missing qualities that are inherent in a person’s living space. Red jasper is extremely useful for those who are engaged in different practices - it helps to concentrate on specific tasks. This is good in situations where the subtle energies do not allow your 


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