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GREEN LUNA shell Moon
Mermaid Wall Hanging,Valentine's day gift, bohemian wall decor, beachy dreamcatcher shell,boho,hippie art , gypsy wall art

●***********●●● MATERIALS ●●●************●

sea shell,
coral ,
lempwork beads,
plastic beads,
glass beads,
metal beads,
embroidery - soutache cord
chrysoprase gemstone

composition width 18cm (7,09 inches)

height of the product - 44 см ( 17,33 inches )

Green Moon, Mermaid Wall Hanging, wedding gift, bohemian wall decor, beachy dreamcatcher shell, boho, hippie art ,gypsy wall art

This product - a dream catcher with shells and mosaics - made with a great love of sea travel and ancient Italian mosaics!

The starfish, by virtue of its shape, has much in common with the star in symbolism. In Christian iconography, however, she personifies the Virgin Mary (Stella Maris means “Star of the Sea”), which bestows safe passage through the raging sea and is thus the shining beacon of salvation in the dangerous waters of the world.

This meaning also extends to the Holy Ghost, mercy, and the Christian faith. Since the starfish is a heavenly symbol, more prosperous than sinking into the sea, it is associated with pure and everlasting love.

Talisman is called a magical thing, the main purpose of which is to attract good luck to its owner. The most effective are those of them that are focused on a specific life sphere. Some talismans contribute to success in business and, as a result, increase in well-being, no less common subjects are helpers in love. There are talismans, designed to fulfill a single desire, they, without removing, are worn on the body until its execution.

The strongest are the donated talismans. However, in such cases, the effectiveness of the magic item depends largely on the identity of the donor. If this is a pleasant, friendly person, your gift can and should be made a permanent companion. This thing will give strength and attract the favor of Fortune.

Nature is the very donor that can be trusted unconditionally, which is why plants and minerals become talismans so often. The starfish talisman is not accidentally recognized as one of the brightest and most beautiful amulets of natural origin. According to folk lore, the starfish mascot brings success to the owner of the opposite sex, thereby greatly increasing his chances of happily arranging his personal life.

Success in major matters is not the only gift of an amulet from the depths of the sea. The five-pointed form makes other adjustments in the life of its owner. Harmonization of the feminine and masculine began to awaken in him the desire for a permanent relationship, a family.

There are many romantic legends about the starfish. The girls handed it to the sailors, escorting to a long voyage so that the charms of the foreign beauties would not have power over them. Modern mariners and travelers also take this talisman with them to secure a cloudless voyage.

Convinced homebody, who know a lot about talismans, are also not averse to getting a starfish as a souvenir. She fills the house with comfort and positive, helps lonely to meet a soul mate.

The five peaks of the starfish symbolize three masculine and two feminine principles. It is this distribution of roles in the pentagram that promotes harmony in relationships. The starfish is recommended to be kept in the house; it not only brings advice and love into family life, but also has a positive effect on the energy of the home. There is one rule in dealing with a starfish: the talisman should not be placed on one of the peaks. The inverted pentagram has not brought anything good to anyone, it is one of the most negative signs.

Often, other possibilities are also attributed to the starfish talisman. If you carry it all the time with you, sooner or later, even the most incredible desire will come true.

Chrysoprase - a symbol of success
Amazing beauty, the spirit of optimism, which expresses a juicy life-affirming shade - this is not all the characteristics of natural chrysoprase.

The greenish stone that hung on the belt of Alexander the Great, as historians say, is chrysoprase. This mineral in ancient times was a symbol of good luck. Which confirms another historical fact: Frederick the Great constantly wore a ring with chrysoprase.

And nowadays it is customary to consider chrysoprase obreg from dangers, from envious people, from the evil eye and damage. This stone helps to attract friends, to develop eloquence. If you look at the cheerful green color of chrysoprase, the mood improves significantly. happiness

Also, chrysoprase favorably affects the eyes, cleans the blood, reduces rheumatic pains. But the ring with such a precious stone helps to increase endurance, lowers blood pressure and helps to fight stress. And chrysoprase has a beneficial effect on the brain and stimulates the metabolism.

As experts convince, chrysoprase does not belong to naughty stones, and therefore is not capable of harm. Constraints Positive energy effect of chrysoprase has on such signs of the Zodiac as Aquarius, Sagittarius, Capricorn. Gemini, Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius and Virgo are also under the auspices of this stone.


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