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Brown shell Moon
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This product - a dream catcher with shells and mosaics - made with a great love of sea travel and ancient Italian mosaics!

The tiger's eye is considered the stone of the signs of the zodiac Virgo, Gemini and Aquarius
Tiger Eye - Great Gift Zodiac Sign Cancer

Cancer can be given a tiger's eye for any occasion and without any reason. The product from the tiger's eye will symbolize on your part the desire to protect Cancer.

Tiger eye for man zodiac sign Cancer

The tiger's eye will tell the Raku man what paths Raku should choose to achieve better results. Thanks to the tiger eye mascot, the Cancer man will quickly climb the career ladder and will not be deprived of an abundance of female attention.

Tiger eye for woman zodiac sign Cancer

Everything for the Raku woman with the tiger's eye will be nothing, as they say, nothing, any "step" will be easily accessible.

Tiger eye for baby zodiac sign Cancer

The stone of a tiger eye will protect the Child of Cancer from any evil influence, will protect him from illnesses and failures. With a tiger's eye, the child will sleep a healthy sleep and grow happy.

Tiger eye indoors with zodiac sign Cancer

In the room, a stone with a tiger's eye in the form of a figurine or any other figure gives all those present peace and tranquility, as well as new plans and willpower.

●***********●●● MATERIALS ●●●************●

sea shell,
lempwork beads,
plastic beads,
glass beads,
metal beads,
mosaic glass,
gemstone tiger eye

composition width 18.5cm (7.09 inches)

height of the product - 40.5 см ( 15.75 inches )


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