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Orange moon Moon

●***********●●● MATERIALS ●●●************●

SIZE Dreamсatcher:

- diameter

- ring: ~ 2.36" (6.3cm )

- Size of the moon 6" x 6.30" (15cm х 16.5 cm )

- height: ~ 21" (53cm)

MATERIAL Dream сatcher:

ceramic beads,
crystal beads,
metal beads,
feathers duck,
Beaded lampwork,

Cornelian - a symbol of happiness in love

Medicinal properties
The medical role of the carnelian is confirmed by official scientific sources, and the airborne therapy is highlighted in a separate branch of alternative medicine.
Carnelian has a weak radioactivity, which makes it an effective tool for healing wounds, abscesses, tumors, boils and other disorders of the skin. During treatment, heated pieces of carnelian are applied to wounds, due to this inflammation subsides, ulcers and wounds quickly heal.
Carnelian treats sepsis, gangrene, toothache, anemia, poor eyesight, heart disease, vascular system, gastrointestinal tract, liver, musculoskeletal system, intestinal, cancer and other diseases.
Carnelian strengthens the immune system, in the form of beads treats a gingival disease and suppresses inflammation of the thyroid gland, cleanses the blood and lymph.
Carnelian improves cerebral circulation, relieves headaches and improves tone.
Ayurveda says that the orange color of carnelian helps with diseases of the genitourinary and respiratory systems, regulates metabolism, stimulates the endocrine glands, improves blood circulation and skin color.
Red carnelian in the East, women took in their hands during childbirth. It regulates menstruation in women, pacifies fevers and strengthens teeth. With the help of red carnelian, impotence, infertility, diseases of the nervous system are treated.
Yellow carnelian is used for poor digestion, constipation, problems with the kidneys and spleen, for bronchial asthma, malaria, rheumatism.

Magical properties
In the East, it is believed that the carnelian stabilizes and strengthens the bioenergy of Qi.
The cornelian is a traditional love talisman. It promotes the emergence of love and at the same time protects against the imposed love spell, protects conjugal happiness and loyalty.
Crimson cornelians stimulate the sexual energy of a person and his sexual attractiveness for the opposite sex.
According to ancient beliefs, red carnelian protects against quarrels, disputes and the machinations of enemies.
Carnelian has a calming and calming effect, improves mood, brings success in business (including financial) and attracts well-being.
Carnelian can protect from the dangerous waste of vitality, enhances foreboding and insight, promotes eloquence, strengthens memory.
Long since carnelian was considered an amulet that protects against all the dangers in life: accidents, natural disasters, premature death.

Influence on the chakras
   Carnelian affects Swadisthana and Manipuru

Projective Yang. In the yellow cornelian, the energies of Yin and Yang are harmoniously combined.



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