Mini green dream catcher, small dreamcatcher home decor, dreamcatchers wall hanging, green dream catcher wall decor


Mini green dream catcher, small dreamcatcher, dreamcatcher home decor, dreamcatchers wall hanging, green dream catcher wall decor, boho gift

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1. What is it? This is a mini dreamcatcher, amulet, pendant for a car, pendant in a crib, pendant on a pram, pendant on a bag, backpack

2. What color is it? The color on the computer monitor may differ from mine. the main ring is a willow vine in brown color with pearly shimmer, weaving green thread, green and brown color thread with a glass bead in the center
pendants from the bottom 3 beams of rooster feathers green , wooden, glass and metal beads, braided high-strength cord mount - you can change the mount to a metal clasp for the keychain - write in the comment to the order if necessary

3. How big is it? The size of this product is

width of composition - 6 cm (2.36) inches

height of the composition - 22cm (8.66) inches

base willow vine,
wood beads,
glass beads,
synthetic cord,
rooster feathers,

5. How do I care about this? Can I wash and dry?

careful handling will extend the life of this cute feather pendant; dry cleaning is provided with a soft feather dust brush.
do not throw, do not throw, do not pull the feathers out of the pendants, do not set fire; with the ingress of water, slight darkening in the color polish is possible

6.This cute little dream catcher is suitable for any occasion, it can be a small gift to a girl or child without a reason - just a pleasant sweet surprise, a dream catcher can be presented to a guy or girl as a pendant in a car, a man or a woman as a pendant on a bag and backpack. This dream catcher can be a beautiful gift for pregnant women on a baby shower. This product will beautifully decorate a baby's crib or stroller.
A dream catcher with feathers is not suitable only for cats - because they will think that this is a bird and begin to pull feathers from the dream catcher.

7. Dreamcatcher is an amulet that protects against bad dreams. with natural stones, the dreamcatcher can also carry the energy of the stone and its mystical and healing charge for the owner of this gift.
A dream catcher - it can be a decorative element of your house - it can be one big dream catcher - I can make any sizes - it all depends on the height of the ceilings in your house, or it can be a set of several dream catchers - which will become a wonderful panel on your empty wall .

8.This is a lightweight airborne dream catcher, almost weightless, the airy feathers of a rooster give it lightness and volume, glass beads with the effect of broken glass - remind you that magic crystals froze in the glass, wooden natural beads are carefully crafted, the satin ribbon of which is decorated with a ring - from the overflow of satin the sun seems even more magical and luminous

9. The dream catcher has a pendant made of durable braided thread - it is very difficult to tear it if you want another mount - metal in the form of a clasp for a keychain - write in the order comment

10. In my family store I work Artyom, my wife Anna, my mother-in-law - we do not smoke with our whole family, we do not drink alcohol - all materials are stored in special boxes. When buying our products you will not smell cigarette smoke - With our product you can smell only freshly ground coffee, milk and chocolate, the smell of fresh flowers.

My family has a lot of experience - my wife is from a family of hereditary artists and sculptors - the technique of dancing life trees is unique - we use a special self-hardening paste for tree trunks - which was passed from generation to generation in the family from one sculptor to another. Pasta for life trees can only be bought in our store.

Our technology for manufacturing dream catchers with a mosaic is also unique, at the moment being on a patent is a long process in my country, Ukraine - but I think it's worth it.

My mother-in-law is an architect and interior designer - therefore, having developed a special fixing technology, she did not just create a unique product - she created the most secure - heavy and massive construction. Some products weigh up to 10 kg (22 lbs)

Choosing our products with trees of life, with mosaics, huge wall panels from handmade lace napkins - you really get unique products.

Mosaic products with trees of life with huge crowns made of semiprecious minerals are unique in shape and size.

11. In the photo you see not only a dream catcher, but also related items for photo shooting, for example, coasters made of epoxy resin, shells, wooden letters - you can order any item in the photo - just write us a message.

When buying a dream catcher - you get a dream catcher and small souveirs from Ukraine, small presents

12. In our family store - you can find any wall decor in your living room, bedroom, children's room - any size from a miniature keychain - to huge sizes on the entire wall in width and height - Write to us and we will do something unique only for your home or wedding

13.To avoid refunds and cancellations of orders - a big request - have doubts - write - we will provide additional photos in different lighting conditions, we will not use subsequent color correction in the photo shop when taking photos - products in stock are 100% of the product you will receive.

If you doubt the size - whether it fits in your room - write - I will take additional photos with measuring tools - for clarity.

14. All products from a keychain to huge panels - ready to decorate your home, products do not pre-decorate or mount

15. All products are packaged in kraft cardboard boxes, products larger than 60 cm in width — cardboard boxes are made manually with additional reinforcement — for security of delivery by postal services.
All products are additionally decorated in gift paper - inside the package - a gift from our family store is required. Silk rose petals will be a pleasant surprise when unpacking the parcel. If you want to make a gift - you do not need to do additional packaging upon receipt.

Our family can also offer additional gift wrapping made of moisture-proof plywood with a laser engraving of your names, memorable dates, or special wishes for your near and dear ones - If you want a gift wrapping made of plywood - write us a message - the maximum package size is 80 x 80 cm ( 31.5 inches x 31.5 inches) - production time 7-10 business days

16. If you order a finished product - you receive this item in the photo - when selling and manufacturing a sold product - we take new photos of only finished products.

When making to order - 1 - we coordinate the budget and size of the product - my family makes the layout of the product, 2 - we coordinate the products - according to the important desire, we change color accents, sizes, price. 3 - after agreeing and fixing the final design, we fix the photo, proceed to production. 4 - during the manufacturing process we take additional photos to the final one. in the process you can make changes - additions. 5 - the product is ready - no additions are possible, the customer is satisfied. 6 - packaging and shipping.

16. In the creation of home decor, jewelry, paintings in different techniques, various specific professional techniques are used - so as not to use a special terminalology, we try to describe our products in simple human words, so if you have any questions, write to us and we will explain to you, we will do additional photos and videos of the products you want to receive.

17. In ancient times, any person could live in a cave, without water, gas and electricity, but a person could not live without amulets like never before. Since ancient times, man has decorated his home with skins - arrows, decors made of branches and hemp rope. Times have changed. We had comfortable living conditions - but we continue to decorate our home, our holidays, our weddings and birthdays and ourselves.

Can you live without our dream catchers and wall decors, without our paintings made of liquid acrylic or alcoholic blacks, without our epoxy resin coasters, without our jewelry, bracelets and beads?


But 100% of our mosaic products are unique, we are the only family in the world that has such technology. 90% of our products in a single copy. For example, epoxy products can repeat the color - the idea - but no one has the power how today at this temperature pigments will be carried on the web and what a fancy pattern they will create.

My family can create an exclusive collection just for your home - a dream catcher or a pan for your room - you can add accents to the trays and coasters for glasses made of epoxy resin in a color scheme as a wall decor. With our decors and buzheuteri - you can feel like a real queen, and a little daughter will definitely say - I am a princess.

Our family is universal - if we haven’t done something yet, then we just haven’t tried to do it.

All the products in our store are an explosion of emotions - bizarre forms of paintings made of alcoholic ink or liquid acrylic, it seems that we are shoved into the mystical cosmos of the universe, the world is no longer monochrome.

In the bizarre bends of our dancing trees of life - you can see beautiful oriental dancers with slender arms and a waist - wrapped in a thick crown made of semiprecious stones.

A glass, stone or natural mother of pearl mosaic in dream catchers attracts the eye - plunging our brain - to examine all the veins in each mosaic. When a sunbeam hits a dream catcher from a faceted mirror mosaic - the whole room is filled with sun-bunnies that jump all over your house.

Let your home be filled with happiness, smiles, laughter and happy dreams.

We love you - this is unique.

Production is possible in any color.

I'm glad to do something unique for you!


Thanks for visiting my store!

I'm glad to do something unique for you!


The base can be any color as you wish.

The deadline is 5-7 days custom order.

The dream catcher, gift for birthdays, christenings, baby showers or new additions to the family.

Thank you for visiting my store and support for handmade.

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