large white dream catcher Crochet set coupon, white dream catcher, boho wedding decor, wedding dreamcatcher, decor nursery, big dreamcatcher


large dream catcher Crochet doily , white dream catcher, boho wedding decor, wedding dreamcatcher, baby girl nursery, big dreamcatcher

in this kit one huge decor diameter 71 inches + 11 products

The cost of this kit is 780 dollars.

Modification or addition of a complete set is possible.

For example, you can add white dream catchers for decoration on a table with a ring size of 2 inches, the cost for one item is 5 dollars, and additional decors - decorate your chairs with bohemian style dream catchers with a size of 5-6 inches, the price of one item is 12 dollars.

It is possible to make in beige color a set of decors in the style of boho for your wedding.

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