Ivory willow Dreamcatcher boho wall hanging


Ivory willow Dreamcatcher boho wall hanging


A beautiful and noble cream color called Ivory, quite often forms the basis of the color palette of classic and traditional interiors. In addition, Ivory is one of the most versatile colors that goes well with warm and cold shades, as well as pastel and contrasting saturated colors. This time we will tell you how to create an exquisite and stylish interior with the help of an elegant light color with this cute dream catcher made of light vine with airy peacock feathers.

Like any other color, Ivory can be presented in different shades, but they always have a warm tone. That is why the space of any room where Ivory shades are used always looks warm and cozy.

So, the following shades of Ivory color are distinguished: white, creamy, creamy, sandy, apple pulp, linseed. In general, the variety of its shades allows everyone to choose the one they like and use it in interior design (color of the floor, walls, furniture upholstery and textiles)

How and where to use the Ivory color better
The deep beauty of subtle color can be appreciated when used in large quantities. For example, Ivory often becomes fundamental in Scandinavian, English and American interior styles, where an elegant, restrained atmosphere reigns. Here the color is used abundantly in all rooms at the same time, because it not only looks stylish, but also does not get bored for a long time.

The best area for using Ivory is wall surfaces that can be painted, revetted with light decorative bricks, and created a relief using special pastes with the addition of the same shade.

In addition, Ivory applied to walls and vaults will visually expand the boundaries of a cramped room and make it warmer, especially when there is not enough natural sunlight in the room.

Ivory can also be chosen for the simple reason that paintings, art panels, shelves with books and other decorative accessories of contrasting colors and shapes stand out against its background.

Textiles such as bedspreads, bed linen and decorative pillows in Ivory color look simple and luxurious at the same time. But we especially like the idea of ​​using cream or creamy dream catchers in the interior, as they transform the environment, making it sophisticated and rich.

~8.87" (20cm )
- height: ~ 22.44" (57cm)

beads glass,
rhinestones plastic,
rooster feathers,
white peacock feathers,
duck feathers,
synthetic cord

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