Green+red gemstone jade + howlite Necklace 11.5",Natural Stone Jewelry, Reiki Chakra Jewelry,Boho Necklace,Gemstone Necklace,new year gifts


Green+red gemstone jade + howlite Necklace 11.5",Natural Stone Jewelry, Reiki Chakra Jewelry,Boho Necklace,Gemstone Necklace,new year gifts

bead length with extension 11.5 inches (29 cm)

Jade is a semi-precious stone. It is one of the oldest mineral that people discovered. Archaeologists discovered tools of primitive people made of jade. It is known that this stone was widely used in ancient China. From jade figures of gods, measures for determining the weight of gold, jewelry, etc. Even a musical instrument, the name of which is a lithophone, was made of this mineral. It has survived to the present day. Jade is still very popular in China. In the 19th century, the stone gained incredible popularity in Russia. Its deliveries came from China. Imported mainly green jade. Later, stone deposits were discovered in Russia, and the need for its import disappeared. This mineral was very popular in other countries. The fact is that people have long understood that jade has magical properties. Therefore, it is used as a talisman decades ago and continues to do so until now.

Green jade. This is the most powerful amulet, in terms of magic. It protects against evil forces and evil witchcraft, calms and helps to find peace. In addition, this mineral contributes to the development of latent creative abilities. Also, a stone helps a person understand the meaning of life. Jade of this shade helps the owner achieve his goal and pass all the obstacles that arise in his way.

The magical properties of Jade There are magical properties that any jade exhibits and it does not matter what the mineral looks like. It is believed that such a stone prolongs life. It is believed that it is on its basis that magicians make the notorious elixir of immortality. If you wear a mineral for a long time, then it will grant longevity. In addition, jade reveals the full potential of the human mind. With its help, the owner begins to think clearer, apply non-standard methods in work and show his abilities better. Jade does not allow stupid mistakes and rash acts. This mineral helps the owner to forget the mistakes of the past and start a new life. In addition, he grants protection from evil forces and any evil witchcraft. This stone is especially revered by esotericists. The fact is that people associated with magic believe that it awakens the gift of clairvoyance and opens the door to other worlds. Therefore, the mineral is often used for various rituals and ceremonies. Many esotericists believe that jade can calm the raging elements. It prevents hurricanes and earthquakes.

Healing properties of Jade Stone jade has not only magical, but also healing properties. First of all, this mineral positively affects the work of the kidneys, in particular, and the genitourinary system as a whole. Even the name of the stone suggests that it is related to this body. The fact is that the word "jade" is translated as a kidney. Therefore, it is believed that the healing properties of the mineral, in the first place, affect this organ and the genitourinary system. Specialists in stone therapy recommend the use of heating pads with jade for abdominal pain. They are rag bags filled with these minerals. A feature of a jade stone heater is that it retains heat for a long time. The fact is that the temperature of the mineral never drops lower than the natural temperature of the stone. Such a heating pad should be applied to a sore spot and after a while a person will feel much better. Massagers made of jade are very popular. They help to cope with sprains, accelerate the healing process of soft tissues and relieve the inflammatory process that occurs in the body. In addition, such massagers promote rejuvenation, so they are often used for the face. This mineral is recommended to be worn by women during the period of gestation and during childbirth. It is believed that it alleviates the suffering of a future mother and contributes to the birth of a healthy child. Jade improves vision and hearing, and also prevents the emergence and development of many pathologies. However, the healing properties of the mineral appear only if it is used regularly.

Libra's zodiac sign immediately "will find a common language" with this mineral. They can wear a stone of any shade. However, Libra is best suited for white jade. Such a stone gives health and longevity to the representatives of this zodiac sign. The zodiac sign Virgo can also use jade, but in this case, astrologers recommend a green, red or black mineral. It is recommended to wear a stone to representatives of this zodiac sign in a bracelet, and put it on the wrist of the right hand. Then the talisman will bestow luck and help build a strong family. A yellow mineral is suitable for Pisces, Cancers and Scorpions. In addition, astrologers recommend the use of black jade to the crayfish and Pisces. Such stones give a powerful charge of energy and vitality, which will help them more easily bear all the difficulties prepared by life. Black jade is also suitable for Capricorn and Taurus. Representatives of these zodiac signs can wear a mineral of green shades. However, only black jade gives a powerful energy charge. White jade, as well as a blue mineral, is recommended for Aquarius and Gemini. Such stones will protect these zodiac signs from any negative effects. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius astrologers recommend wearing red minerals. They will help arrange your personal life, and strengthen family relationships. Jade is a universal talisman that fits all zodiac signs. The main thing is to choose a stone of a suitable color and believe in its magical properties.

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