Floral Shell Dreamcatcher, Moon mermaid decor wall art, mermaid wall decor moon party, Boho dream catcher, medium moon dream catcher charm


Green moon

●***********●●● MATERIALS ●●●************●

sea shell,
lempwork beads,
plastic beads,
glass beads,
metal beads,
mosaic glass
cat's eye
sea star

composition width 15.3cm (6 inches)

height of the product - 39 см ( 15 inches )

This product - a dream catcher with shells and mosaics - made with a great love of sea travel and ancient Italian mosaics!

The cat's eye or chrysoberyl loves people who are purposeful, persistent, stubbornly reaching their goal.

It is considered to be that the choice of the color of a stone directly depends on the profession, character and inclinations of its owner, for example:

Yellow cat eye. The owner of the stone can make the interlocutors listen to themselves, to reckon with his opinion, also enjoys the confidence of other people. This type of chrysoberyl is well suited to security forces, priests and educators.

Green cat eye. It has the unique ability to attract money in the pocket of its owner. It will be an excellent talisman for people whose activity is connected with finances, a stone will give them confidence in themselves, the ability to achieve goals. It is recommended for accountants, businessmen, bankers and other people who are not indifferent to money.

Pink cat eye. Perfect for people of both sexes: it focuses on male and female energy. If a person is aggressive, the mineral will give him peace of mind and prudence, too soft and docile will give determination and firmness of character. Suitable for employees of the advertising business, the service sector and lawyers.

White cat's eye. He is the patron saint of mothers and children. It will remove the excessive, unreasonable concern of the mother for the child. Teach not to look for problems where they are not. White stone amulets will help avoid the development of female diseases.

Blue cat's eye contributes to the development of its owner's abilities to clairvoyance, observation and intuition. Protects from the evil eye and envious. Recommended for romantics and dreamers.


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