Epoxy resin wall decor seahorse, amulet, little mermaid decor, epoxy resin wall decor, resin painting, resin painting


Epoxy resin wall decor seahorse, amulet, little mermaid decor, epoxy resin wall decor, resin painting, resin painting

Seahorses in symbolism
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Seahorses can rightfully be attributed to the most mysterious and interesting aquatic inhabitants, which is associated with their features of appearance, and with an unusual way of transportation, and lifestyle, and many other factors. That is why the fact that seahorses appear in many myths and legends is not at all surprising. For example, in ancient Greek mythology, the sea lord moved in a chariot drawn by seahorses. These mysterious fish were also present in other myths, for example, in the Sumerian myth about meeting with the stars, it was seahorses who told other inhabitants of the water kingdom about the arrival of stars, because they moved in an upright position. Seahorses are also found in heraldry. Of course, the image of this interesting fish is full of symbolic load.
So, for example, the vertical way of its movement symbolizes nothing more than loyalty to its beliefs, its ideals, because, despite the well-known inconvenience of this method of movement, the seahorse perfectly adapted to it. In addition, the seahorse also symbolizes a kind of protection. This is due to the fact that he has an amazing ability to mimic, especially when approaching any danger. The very image of a seahorse is considered quite powerful, since in many legends these fish were in the service of powerful gods, and performed very important functions. That is why, for some peoples, a seahorse symbolizes power and strength.
In addition, the seahorse is considered a symbol of good luck, especially for those whose profession is somehow connected with the sea. That is why in ancient times, many sailors wore a tattoo in the form of a seahorse. In Celtic symbolism, a seahorse was seen as a synonym for courage. In addition, the seahorse can symbolize stubbornness, perseverance and individuality, which again is associated with the method of its movement, as well as elegance, because these fish look very attractive and elegant. In other words, the seahorse is a symbol of remarkable human qualities, being a unique inhabitant of the depths.

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Epoxy resin

size25 x 16cm (9.84 x 6.3 inches)


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