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Green Violet Dream Catcher Chameleon totem Dreamcatcher violet Dream сatcher dreamcatchers wall decor handmade gift idea Chameleon Totem

Dream Catcher possible to make your totem animal or totem animals composition of your family!
the catcher possible repeat in any color, so you can keep the idea with other semiprecious stones - carnelian, black agate, onyx, malachite, garnet, serpentine, hematite, jasper, amethyst and others.

A key feature of clairvoyance and aura sensitivity
The animal, which in the United States called a chameleon, as a rule, is not a true chameleon. I remember as a child went to the circus and saw chameleons sell there. In the United States, most people consider a chameleon animal, which is actually called anoles.
A real chameleon has a third eye, located at the back of his head and merges perfectly with its backdrop. This eye can not see as well as its other two eyes, but it is able to distinguish between light and shadow. In humans, a totem which became a chameleon, wake up the awareness of their own psychic abilities and intuition. In addition, they are more likely than others who are able to determine when they rely on, and when - no.
In fact, a chameleon is not necessary to adapt to its environment. Its natural color is fully consistent with its usual habitat. Partly change its color affect temperature, humidity and even emotions. If he's upset or angry, then its color turns brown. When he was all happy and happy, it becomes a pale shade of green. This symbolizes a special sensitivity to the environment.
People interacting with this totem, will certainly find in his sensitivity to the energy of other people. The field of our aura in part is a combination of electromagnetic vibrations. We constantly give and absorb energy, but often do not realize this. Every time it comes in contact with another person is an exchange of energies. We commend the people of their energy, and they give us a piece of his.
People whose totem is a chameleon, will realize and feel the energy exchange process more clearly than before, and even be able to learn to read and interpret the aura. Trust your feelings and Minimize contact with the people whose energy is doing you damage. It depends on your health and well-being.

This amulet like Dreamcatcher - is not just a decoration of the interior. It is a powerful amulet, which is endowed with many properties:

- Dreamcatcher protects and ensures a healthy sleep to the owner;

Dreamcatcher helps in practice lucid dreaming. It helps to recognize himself in a dream, as well as protects from negative influences;

Dreamcatcher helps restore vitality while you sleep;

Protect dream sleep from nightmares and bad dreams.

Just a great addition

SIZE Dream сatcher:

- diameter

- Сrescent

- ring: ~ 8,1" (21 cm )
~ 5.5" (14 cm )
~ 3.1" (8,5cm )

- height: ~ 29 " (74cm)

- composition width - 10" (26 см)

MATERIAL Dream сatcher:

foundation wood,
synthetic thread,
wooden beads,
natural stone fluorite,
duck feathers,
pheasant feathers,
wooden beads,
tree branch

By the date of birth of any person, much can be said about his character, future fate, and even pick up effective talismans. Natural stones and minerals, metals and trees, different in their effects, are suitable for certain zodiac signs. But a special place in this area is occupied by animal mascots.

Depending on which zodiac sign of the twelve you belong to, various animals will be able to protect you and make your life easier, since they will be mentally suitable for you.

Animal Mascot Meaning

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of animals in our lives. Even in the modern world, our smaller brothers always remain with us, and in ancient times they often depended on them the life of the whole nation.

Many tribes had a sacred beast, the killing of which, even unintentional, was punished in the most severe way: execution. Such animals include, for example, the cat that was worshiped by people in ancient Egypt, or the cow, whose cult was deified in India.

Other nationalities believed that their race descended from a certain beast, which means that it is no longer just a smaller member of the family, but an ancestor who deserves the greatest honor. Similar examples include, for example, the cult of the monkey in China.

Since ancient times, mankind has noticed that for certain people, specific types of animals are more suitable than others: they are able to preserve and protect a person, both on a physical and spiritual level.

Such animal mascots can share life energy and even heal people.

To determine which particular beast will become your amulet and amulet for life, you should turn to the date of your birth: it is by the signs of the zodiac that a similar gradation occurs.

How to use such a talisman

If you have already determined what kind of beast is your amulet, then you may have a question how to bring its power to your life. Indeed, if your amulet is, for example, a cat or a rabbit, then such an animal can be easily brought at home. By caring for him, you will strengthen your connection and be constantly under his protection.

But what if your talisman is, for example, a snake or a bear? It is unlikely that an ordinary modern resident of a megalopolis will have the opportunity to provide such a beast with everything necessary for life, so that it is constantly nearby. In this case, you will need to purchase or make your own stylized image or figurine of your mascot. It can be anything: a decoration with an image, an interior detail or embroidery on clothes.

In addition, it is sometimes possible to acquire part of the animal itself: for example, its tooth or claw. Of course, it should be remembered that in doing so, harming the beast itself is unacceptable.

Mascots animals for earth signs

The signs of the zodiac that are tied to the earth include Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus. People born under this zodiac sign are very stubborn and pragmatic. For them, the most important thing in life and in everyday life is order and clarity; in chaos and creative disorder, they experience almost physical suffering.

They get the greatest burst of energy and tranquility when they are busy working with the land: it can even be care for indoor plants or just a walk in a small forest or park.

The animals that are the mascot for them are also tied to the ground, this allows you to create the greatest connection between man and beast.

The animal charms of Taurus include:

Owl. This sacred bird will provide any person who is born under the sign of Taurus with great wisdom and patience. In addition, it will effectively replenish your internal reserves, concentrating on itself energy and space. It is not worth getting an owl at home, you can hardly provide proper care for this bird, but it is obligatory to have an owl figure for each Taurus. It is best if it is made from natural onyx, or made from improvised means with your own hands.

Golden Taurus. Such a symbol must be present in the life of every Taurus: it is such a bull that will give financial stability and abundance in the house.

Cow. This animal is able to make the Taurus family life complete and harmonious.

Virgo is best suited:

Grasshopper. This little insect is able to give Virgo almost everything: love, prosperity and protection. Of course, you are unlikely to get a living grasshopper at home, so purchase his yellow jasper figurine.

Pig. This gentle and kind animal will give the Virgin well-being and satiety for life.

Siskins and swallows. Little singing harmless birds are the best suited for Maidens in character. Such feathered creatures will remove all unnecessary suffering and maintain the excellent mood of the Maidens, regardless of the external situation.

If you are Capricorns by date of birth, then it is best for you to get:

Black cat. This strong and dexterous beast will bring luck to all Capricorn in all endeavors and luck. Even if you can’t get such a cat at home, don’t pass him on the street: feed and stroke, the cat will thank you.

Goat. This small domestic animal will bring health for people born under the corresponding zodiac sign. Of course, to get a goat in the apartment just does not work, but to have his figure, preferably from green malachite, is a must.

Talismans animals for fire signs

The zodiac signs of fire include Aries, Sagittarius and Leo. These zodiac signs are very active and like to act immediately, without prior thought. They strive, first of all, for family comfort and warmth, this is the primary goal in their life, which pulls everyone else.

In addition, these zodiac signs are very strong internally and thereby attract other people who flock like moths to the light of these signs.

Animals that will keep and improve fiery people are also distinguished by boiling energy and special grace, such as a deer.

Aries should pay particular attention to the following animals:

Deer. This powerful and beautiful forest beast will reliably protect all the rams from any negativity and provide them with additional strength. If you get the chance to get yourself a piece of deer antler, be sure to use it. Such a talisman will be your best assistant in all your endeavors.

Sheep and ram. Warm and quiet domestic sheep and rams will become the best helpers for rams in their main goal: creating a strong family and a large outbreak. It’s very good if you place a picture of these animals in your house, for example, above your bed.

If you are Sagittarius by birth, then you should ask for the help of such animals:

Deer. This horned graceful beast, like a ram, can provide protection for Sagittarius. You can decorate your home interior with any image of a deer, and, for example, put his photo on the screen of a mobile phone.

Partridge. This brood bird symbolizes all those family values ​​that any archer needs so much. She will give them to everyone born under this sign. In addition, the partridge is capable of endowing its owner with rich creative internal energy, which will help to achieve its goals efficiently and quickly. Her stylized image can be carried with you in the form of a keychain or decorate the walls of the apartment with a suitable picture.

For Leo, such animals will become the mascots of animals:

A lion. The king of animals carries a powerful force and energy, which he willingly shares with his owner. Also, this sunny beast will be able to bring with it seething activity and heat that can warm many around Leo itself. The image of the king of animals is best transferred to the image of a plausibly executed figurine, but always large.

Eagle. This bird also takes the place of the king, but the heavenly world. He concentrates in himself a higher power, which extends to Leo. In addition, he is able to improve personal relationships and provide Leo with a reliable family life. As a mascot, you can carry an eagle feather with you.

Ladybug. This completely harmless insect, which simply can’t harm anyone, compensates for Leo’s hot temper and balances his hot-tempered character. That is why the Lions are advised to carry with them a small figure or a picture depicting a ladybug.

Mascots animals for air signs

Signs of the air include the zodiac signs of Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. These signs are distinguished by high intelligence and generosity in relation to other people. They really value comfort and strive to provide it not only to themselves, but also to their family. However, the representative of the air elements very intensely converge with new people, showing them a great distrust in meeting them. They are very rational and like to weigh each step so as not to omit the miscalculation.

Also, people born under these signs often have vigorous energy and a craving for travel and learning new things.

It is for this reason that the mascots of the animals of air signs are mainly birds.

These amulets to animals for Aquarius include:

Dove. This free bird is able to endow any Aquarius with the energy that is required to carry out the ebullient activity characteristic of this sign. Also, such a bird provides Aquarius with successful journeys and protects it from various troubles along the way. Many of these birds live in cities. Aquarius should take special care and participation in relation to them.

Goat. This pet, with great adherence to principle, brings luck to any Aquarius. Therefore, be sure to get a statuette of such a beast.

For people whose birth date falls under the sign of Gemini, the mascots will be:

Crow. This cunning bird with outstanding intelligence will support the Gemini craving for knowledge of the world. In addition, the raven is able to strengthen intuition and develop magical abilities in an individual person. It is very good if at home you hang with your own hands a made talisman from raven feathers.

Elephant. This magnificent beast will give Gemini peace and strength, both physical and spiritual. Be sure to place his portrait in the house.

If you are Libra, then your assistants will be:

Goose. Such a poultry will give Libra more confidence and peace of mind that they will need in many situations. It is worth carrying a large goose feather.

Dove. He, like Aquarius, will add Libra a little strength and protect against any negative.

Donkey. Despite its seeming stupidity, this animal has high intuition and is willing to share it with its owner. To attract his strength to help, Libra should have his stylized figure at home.

Mascots animals for signs of water

Watermarks, which include crayfish, fish and scorpions, are considered the most closed signs of the zodiac. They are characterized by a certain coldness and detachment, among these signs almost too sociable people are not found. But people born under these zodiac signs are distinguished by a high creative streak and a special worldview.

These zodiac signs are quite stable in their habits and decisions, as well as somewhat unnecessarily touchy.

For Cancers, the mascots are:

Crayfish, lobsters and crabs. These freshwater residents will help the Cancers protect themselves from troubles on their way and give them the much-needed activity and extra strength of mind. Try to organize a small aquarium in your home where these arthropods will live.

Hamsters, rabbits. Small, cute, fluffy rodents will give the Crayfish balance and calm.

For people under the sign of Pisces, the talismans will be:

Fish. Having got decorative fish in your home aquarium, you can always communicate directly with them. Such talismans will give you good luck in any of your endeavors.

Turtles. Calm and measured will bring turtles to your home. In addition, they can give you health if you and them get as pets.

The following animals are suitable for Scorpions:

Gazelle. The light and fast gazelle will give the Scorpions exactly what they lack so much: fiery energy and success in their endeavors. It is best if you have an amulet with a piece of a gazelle horn.

Quail. This bird will ensure family well-being and save Scorpions from chronic diseases.


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