Brown Tree of life, brown Dreamcatcher, wall hanging,gemstone Dreamcatcher, Zodiac sign, boho decor, gift bohemian, decor tiger's eye, gift


Brown Tree of life, brown Dreamcatcher, wall hanging,gemstone Dreamcatcher, Zodiac sign, boho decor, gift bohemian, decor tiger's eye, gift

The tiger's eye is considered the stone of the signs of the zodiac Virgo, Gemini and Aquarius
Tiger Eye - Great Gift Zodiac Sign Cancer

Cancer can be given a tiger's eye for any occasion and without any reason. The product from the tiger's eye will symbolize on your part the desire to protect Cancer.


Tiger eye for man zodiac sign Cancer

The tiger's eye will tell the Raku man what paths Raku should choose to achieve better results. Thanks to the tiger eye mascot, the Cancer man will quickly climb the career ladder and will not be deprived of an abundance of female attention.


Tiger eye for woman zodiac sign Cancer
Everything for the Raku woman with the tiger's eye will be nothing, as they say, nothing, any "step" will be easily accessible.


Tiger eye for baby zodiac sign Cancer
The stone of a tiger eye will protect the Child of Cancer from any evil influence, will protect him from illnesses and failures. With a tiger's eye, the child will sleep a healthy sleep and grow happy.


Tiger eye indoors with zodiac sign Cancer
In the room, a stone with a tiger's eye in the form of a figurine or any other figure gives all those present peace and tranquility, as well as new plans and willpower.


Tiger's Eye - Sumerian stone for inlaid statues of the gods!!!
The tiger's eye, whose properties became known already in the time of the Sumerians, is one of the most powerful amulets. He protects from evil forces and evil sorcery. He protects from the evil eye, spoiling, sent curses, spells, in general, from all that can harm the owner. Therefore, it is recommended to wear it, including in cases where a person is surrounded by many people unknown to him. Amulet warns a person that he is in danger. The fact is that at any threat the tiger's eye begins to get heavier. The owner feels it physically. If suddenly a person finds that the stone has become much heavier, then it is recommended that he leave as quickly as possible where he is. This reaction of the stone means that some misfortune must occur in this place. If the stone is heavier during the owner's conversation with someone, it means that this person is trying to influence the energy level on the owner of the stone. The conversation should be stopped and try to break off any relationship with this person. The tiger's eye gives strength and wisdom. Mineral helps to avoid making rash decisions and doing wrong things. In addition, the stone develops intuition. Due to this, the owner can unerringly identify the lie and feel the danger. The tiger eye helps to build relationships with people around you. It alleviates conflicts, discharges a tense atmosphere and facilitates easy communication. This mineral calms. It helps the owner to perceive an event more easily and not react too sharply to everything that happens around. The tiger eye suggests the right decision and answers the most difficult questions. For this, you need to relax and take the mineral in your hands. After 20 minutes, an understanding of how to proceed in the current situation should come. The constant wearing of the tiger's eye helps to get rid of all material problems. It attracts money, protects against the conclusion of unprofitable transactions and helps to find a new source of income. Tiger's eye helps to detect and develop hidden creative abilities. In addition, people whose work is related to creativity, the mineral gives inspiration and helps to realize yourself in the chosen field. Therefore, he is ardently loved by many actors, sculptures, artists and singers

The illuminating and healing properties of agate are the same in both the physical and the mental regions. This is due to the stabilization of the aura, by eliminating the energy negativity.
volcanic supremacy is an important part of it. Hundreds of sorcerers and magicians counted for centuries. For the ancient Egypt, the agate had the value of the stone of fertility, for the medieval Europe - access and health, india was the patron of the prosperity



The base of the tree is covered with stain and acrylic lacquer
Rings - base wood decorated with satin ribbon
wood - made of natural gemstone Tiger's Eye
Feathers of a duck,
goose feathers,
gem stone Tiger's Eye
wooden rings,
metallic beads,
wood beads,

weight of goth product without package 362 grams
approximate weight with shipping packaging 760-820 grams

The width of the composition is 54cm ( 21inches)
The height of the composition is 66 cm ( 26 inches)
size of the ring with wood 16 cm ( 6.3 inches)
the size of the small ring is 9.5 cm (4 inches)


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