Black Friday Ready Diy alcohol ink painting, tutorial alcohol ink painting - a simple video lesson for you

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Hello friends!

You can read textbooks a million times - or you can watch a video once.

This is the first and easy tutorial on working with alcohol ink on a black synthetic base.

There are many bases for drawing with alcohol ink, white, black, gray, transparent and semi-transparent.

You can create transformer paintings using several layers and structures from different backgrounds.

Alcohol ink paintings can be coated with varnish, epoxy resin, framed under anti-reflective glass, or lightened with plastic or plexiglass.

All this will be in the new lessons.

And now the first, very simple lesson on a black basis, sheet size 90 x 70 cm. ( 35.43 х 27.56 дюйма)

Shall we draw?

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