big sale Wedding dreamcatcher 60", white Dreamcatcher, Boho White dreamcatcher, white home decor, dreamcatchers wall hanging, dream catch...


Large dreamcatcher 60",white dream catcher, home decor, dreamcatchers wall hanging , gemstone decor ,boho dream catcher wall, gift for woman

~20" (51cm )
- height: ~55" (140cm)

lace, baby yarn, crochet doily, gemstone moonstone and nacre
The moonstone is a symbol of eternal love and a talisman for two loving hearts.

White color symbolizes peace, purity, innocence, divinity, justice, happiness, freshness and lightness. The main associations with white are the heavenly bodies, daylight. White color can be understood both as having no color, and as connecting all existing colors of the light spectrum.

Since ancient times, white color meant a union, a truce, a good journey and a strong will. This color means the symbol of purity and innocence, because it does not have a different color in itself. That is why the bride during the wedding dress in white dresses.

White animals are considered sacred in many countries. For example, a white elephant in Asia, white horses in Greece, Rome, Germany, a white tiger in China, a white ibis and a white bull in Egypt.

Many artists, authors of works of art turned to animals, birds of exactly white color. For example, the white dove has always meant good news, peace and friendship. The world famous artist Pablo Picasso immortalized the image of a white dove in his painting The White Dove of Peace. In the poem "Mtsyri" Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov also uses this image, which acts as an envoy of good news.

White color is associated not only with purity, ingenuousness, harmlessness, but also with mourning, cunning, blindness and cowardice. For example, in China, Asia and Africa, white is considered a mourning color. In the East, it is believed that the soul of a dead person cannot see anything in black clothes.

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