big sale Shell wall decor, sea shell love sign wall hanging, Shell slices mosaic heart hanger,mosaicwork art,shell heart decor, heart doo...


Shell wall decor, sea shell love sign wall hanging, Shell slices mosaic heart hanger ,mosaicwork art, shell heart decor, heart door hanger

I present to you a beautiful, lovely decor for Valentine's Day and just a nice gift for your beloved!

The decor is made of pearl mosaic, seashell, beads, rhinestone

It can be made according to your size and color.

heart size 16 x 17 cm ( 6,30 х 6,69 inches)

The magical properties of natural mother of pearl
Natural mother-of-pearl is the ancestor of pearls, the inner layer of the shell in which the pearl is born and ripens. Its name is translated as “mother of pearls” (Perlmutter). Mother of pearl is valued for many centuries as a jewel with magical properties. Mother of pearl stone is one of the most beautiful gifts with the ancient power of the ocean.

The main magical property of mother-of-pearl is the support of the family hearth, the protection of peace and quiet in the house. Warm, peaceful energy of the stone has a mild positive effect on the human psyche, which has a beneficial effect on love life and family relationships - helps the spouses to get along with each other. We can say that this is the patron of the family, strengthening marriage bonds, helping to find mutual understanding, recognize and correct their own mistakes.

The stone was revered by almost all the ancient cultures of the world. In ancient Rome, a gentle and very durable mother of pearl symbolized wisdom, happiness and longevity, so noble people often wore jewelry with this mineral. They made bowls from mother-of-pearl shells. The water in them was purified and charged with special divine energy. To attract the attention of the gods, magic symbols and drawings were applied to the walls of such vessels. In the distant past, travelers were given on the road pearl plates or brooches with mother of pearl, as a symbol of the fact that they are always waiting at home. It was believed that such charms help to avoid trouble and guarantee the return home safe and sound.

Mother of pearl is a great talisman guide on the career ladder. Helps in solving controversial issues, brings good luck. With long wear develops intuition. Ideal mother of pearl is suitable for Pisces and Aquarius. Pisces iridescent mineral helps to remove depressed mood, strengthens the spirit and gives the ability to accurately express themselves. Natural mother-of-pearl is recommended for Aquarius to achieve emotional balance, as well as to search for their vocation in life and increase the efficiency of work. Gemini this mineral should be worn with great care.
Pearl talismans bring new events and impressions into the life of their owner, let all the best come to life. According to ancient sources, the stone expels longing and leads out of a deep protracted depression. Mother of pearl is quite actively used in spiritual practices, helps spiritual growth and self-improvement.

In ancient times it was believed that pearl amulets prolong life. Sea clams, for which they were home, live hundreds of years! Nacre has the power to keep and protect life processes. Nacre jewelery increases the tone, strengthens the immune system and contributes to the overall health of the body. They help those who are at the crossroads to determine, to find a way out and make the right decision. Such charms are recommended for children and young girls to choose the right path. In the old days pearl amulets were made for children who lost their parents early - the “mother of pearls” drove away evil spirits and attracted the Guardian Angel.


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