big sale Set Large dreamcatcher pink , pink dream catcher, home decor,dreamcatchers wall hanging ,boho decor ,boho dream catcher wall, gi...


Set Large dreamcatcher pink , pink dream catcher, home decor,dreamcatchers wall hanging ,boho decor ,boho dream catcher wall, gift wedding

Set pink dreamcatcher ,Decor wall hanging ,Large pink dream catcher , pink dreamcatchers wall hanging, boho photo backdrop complex crochet

the composition consists of 3 rings!

~ D14.57" L 57" (D37cm L145 cm ) 2pieces

~ D18.50" L 62" (D31cm L 98cm ) - 1pieces

- Composition width ~ 48" (121cm)

synthetic cord,
satin ribbon,
handmade lace crochet

Symbolism crimson color
Crimson color, as a kind of red, symbolizes passion, fire, self-sacrifice, unselfishness, rapid development, impulses. Negative characters are excitement, nervousness, impulsivity. The color of ripe raspberries enhances appetite, craving for knowledge, teachings.

In many nations, it was the raspberry color that was traditional. He meant the blooming earth, the fiery element of life. Crimson found himself in styles such as Empire, Renaissance, Baroque. This is the color of royal exposure and heroism. For a long time it was the color of English uniforms. In our time there is a crimson state.

In painting, crimson color was rarely used, or it was used as an additional color. In psychology, the color of ripe raspberries means self-doubt, it is the color of adolescents. Crimson color is chosen by purposeful people, but with an unstable nervous system, as well as creative, creative, but vulnerable personalities.

Crimson, like pink, is the color of princesses and castles in the air. This is the color of dreamers. It is often used in magical rites (ripe or dried raspberries).

Raspberry are actively used in floristics.

Crimson color in the interior
Bright crimson color always looks joyful, festive and positive. It can be used to design the design of any premises. It can be living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, nurseries, bedrooms.

Only, from the crimson color can be "tired." Therefore, designers are advised to dilute the crimson color in the interior with lighter, warmer shades. For example, the color of a ripe raspberry can be “muted” with gentle pastel tones. This combination is suitable for nursery or bedroom. The combination of crimson and white colors looks perfect in living rooms. In addition, the crimson color can act as a complementary shade: curtains, pillows, rugs, photo frames, etc.

In the kitchen you can experiment with the color scheme. Raspberry can be combined with lemon, orange, blue. In this embodiment, the kitchen will look bright, energetic, invigorating.

The main thing you need to know that crimson color visually narrows the space. Therefore, in rooms with a small area, this color should be used very carefully. It is best used as a textile or accessories.

Crimson color - Feng Shui - the color of femininity, spirituality. It serves to attract love and romantic relationships. To enhance the energy of happiness, love and well-being, crimson color should be used in the southern sector, it is best if it is a bedroom or living room.

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