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Necklace, Snowflake Obsidian, Statement Gemstone Necklace, Large Stone Necklace, Chunky Jewellery, Black and Grey Real gemstone Necklace

Volcano energy

Healing properties
In ancient times, it was believed that an obsidian amulet was able to protect its owner from any disease. The mineral was especially effective in helping gout sufferers. A healing obsidian infusion was prepared, from which compresses and baths were made for sore feet. In fact, obsidian is a powerful cleanser of the body at the cellular level, contributing to the removal of toxins, strengthening the skeletal system. Excess salts are removed from the joints, the mineral protects the body from hypothermia.

The healing properties of obsidian products

Obsidian volcanic stone is widely used in folk medicine to treat colds. For prevention, stones are worn both in the form of pendants and in the form of jewelry. Obsidian beads help normalize blood pressure, improve the well-being of weather-dependent people during magnetic storms.

Obsidian beads

Obsidian helps uncover and normalize the work of the Sacred Genital Chakra - it is the sacral center responsible for sexual energy. Therefore, this mineral is often used during meditation. Obsidian cleans all low vibrations well and releases the energy flows of the lower chakras. This allows you to strengthen your own attractiveness in the opposite sex, to cure frigidity and impotence, as well as improve reproductive function. Practicing yoga while meditating, apply obsidian to the groin and navel, purifying and charging the sexual chakra. Also, with the help of this mineral, the energy of the meridians is leveled - during classes, you need to arrange pieces of stone along the entire central line of the body. The strength of the effect increases if you combine obsidian with rock crystal.
Energetically, the mineral is associated with the kidneys and adrenal glands, therefore it has a positive effect primarily on these organs. Jewelry with obsidian is also recommended to wear to improve digestion and the prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Lithotherapists do not recommend wearing obsidian all the time.

Magical properties
As you know, obsidian is a volcanic glass, so magic glass balls are made from it. Obsidian balls and mirrors have been used for predictions and fortune telling for more than a thousand years. This magically beautiful attribute that predicts the future has in its arsenal the majority of practicing magicians. Talismans and amulets from obsidians develop clairvoyant abilities, and protect magicians from energy attacks.

The magical properties of obsidian jewelry

Obsidian is the most important stone for magicians. Used in magical rituals from the earliest times. The mineral is extremely strong - it is patronized by the Sun, Saturn and Uranus, therefore it must be used with great care. The main planet of obsidian is Pluto. The stone is suitable for almost all signs of the zodiac, but more so for Scorpios, for whom obsidian is the zodiac talisman.
Obsidian helps its owner quickly concentrate, concentrate on a specific task, sharpen thoughts, clarify consciousness. Not for nothing, from ancient times, from this volcanic mineral were made writing instruments and all kinds of accessories. As a mascot, ideal for students and scholars.

The energy of obsidian is visible to the naked eye - the mineral is extremely strong, carrying the power of a volcano. A person with an obsidian talisman has an additional energy source, which must also be able to activate.

One of the main magical properties of obsidian is the protection of its owner from the negativity that is present in himself. The volcanic power of the stone does not allow aggression and negative emotions to escape. This is a stone-savior, protecting from the commission of sin.

central heart pendant, Snowflake Obsidian Graduated Drops, Snowflake Obsidian Rounds 17 mm, Black Agate Rounds , Necklace Length 18 Inches,with black crystal beads. Comes Packaged Ready For Gift Giving

Necklace length: 18 Inches

A stunning statement gemstone necklace made with snowflake obsidian pendant drops. Accented with black agate this stone chunky style necklace that would be a perfect gift for a loved one, or a lovely addition to your own semi precious jewellery collection.

Necklace length 18 Inches (46 cm) . Closes with lobster clasp.
The pendant drops measure approx 17 mm graduating to 20 mm. Snowflake obsidian rounds are 17 mm the black agate .

Comes packaged ready for gift giving.

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